Blue Bloods Exist Only Because the Writers of The Sopranos Wanted To Redeem Themselves


Is doing something “good” enough to compensate for the fact that you have repeatedly done something “bad”? The writers of Blue Bloods hoped so.

The show premiered on CBS in 2010 and quickly gained popularity among critics and fans.

The first reason is, of course, the fantastic cast, which includes Tom Selleck, the actor known not only for his talent but also for his mustache.

The show’s concept was actually novel, especially in a world where procedural cr1me dramas have long held their own.

However, the show also depicts the good guys apprehending bad guys and resolving contentious cases along the way. However, at the heart of the show is a completely different story.

It’s the story of a generational family with long-standing professional ties to the New York legal system.


But it’s not the plot that had viewers gasping when the show first aired.

Blue Bloods was created by the same guys who created the iconic Soprano series, Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess.

They spent many years perfecting the story of the Sopranos, a large family on the other side of the law.

Sure, it sounds strange now. Because after six seasons of writing about mobsters, you kind of become an expert. Then you inadvertently turn to the other side.

But, after years of portraying these deeply troubled, dark characters, both writers were delighted to learn how heroes are created.


“We did the anti-hero for all those years; it was fantastic; it’s an old tradition…”But every great character you see on TV right now is dark, they have a problem, and we were very interested, as a curative after the Sopranos, to figure out what a hero is,” Green told Deadline.

The writers appear to have grown tired of describing the villains, which is why the Blue Bloods were suggested in the first place.

Despite the fact that they only had a chance to stay on the show for one season, they are the reason why Blue Bloods is such a huge success.

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