Blue Bloods: 5 Strange Facts About ‘Danny Reagan’ To Know Before the Series Finale

Get ready for the “Blue Bloods” finale by brushing up on some lesser-known facts about everyone’s favorite hotheaded investigator, Danny Reagan! Danny, played by Donnie Wahlberg, has been central to several of the show’s most compelling plotlines. While you’re probably aware of Danny’s Marine past and the tragic death of his wife Linda, here are five interesting facts about him that you might have overlooked:

The Middle Name of Danny Reagan is Fitzgerald.

Danny Reagan’s middle name, Fitzgerald, adds an unexpected twist to his fiery demeanor. While he might seem like a “Danger” kind of guy, his Irish heritage shines through with this moniker, meaning “son of the spear ruler.” It’s a subtle nod to his father’s authority as New York’s police commissioner, showcasing Danny’s lineage in keeping the peace. If Danny ascends in the final season of “Blue Bloods,” his full name could be a delightful reminder of this charming character detail.

Donnie Wahlberg Included New Kids on the Block References in Blue Bloods.

Donnie Wahlberg, famed for his part in “Blue Bloods,” has successfully incorporated New Kids on the Block references throughout the show. In Season 1, he included words like “Hang tough,” an homage to the band’s song, and included delightful Easter eggs for fans. As the series likely approaches its conclusion, there is hope for more allusions. Imagine Danny progressing in the NYPD and being informed he has “the right stuff,” or a romance storyline with Maria Baez that includes lines like “I’ll be loving you.” It’s a wonderful tribute to Wahlberg’s background and a joy for viewers.

Danny Reagan Displayed A Corpse To Nicky.

In a pivotal moment on “Blue Bloods,” Danny Reagan, typically a symbol of virtue, exposes his niece Nicky to a grim reality: a cr1me scene with a dead body. In Season 1, Episode 16, “Age of Innocence,” Danny’s decision to bring Nicky along leads to her witnessing something no teenager should. Despite his intentions, the incident raises questions about ethics and parental judgment. As both characters evolve, this moment remains a haunting reminder of the harsh truths of their world.

Danny Reagan Has K1lled Far More Individuals Than Any Cop Should.

Danny Reagan from ‘Blue Bloods’ makes other TV officers appear like amateurs with his trigger-happy behavior. While other officers rarely pull their firearms, Danny appears to rack up k1lls like it’s a video game. Fans are surprised by his body count, questioning whether he is the most aggressive cop on television. Despite Danny’s constant shootouts, the show cleverly ignores the masses of paperwork he would normally confront. Maybe Danny should trade his rifle for a therapist’s couch.

Danny’s Fury Has Calmed With Time.

Over the seasons, Danny Reagan’s character on “Blue Bloods” has undergone significant development, moving away from his hotheaded tendencies showcased in the early episodes. While he once crossed lines during interrogations, such as shoving a suspect’s head into a toilet, he’s evolved notably since then. Mandatory anger management in Season 3 helped, but it’s clear that age and experience have also played a role in tempering his behavior. Fans can expect a more mature and balanced Danny as the series progresses, a far cry from the volatile character introduced in 2010.

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