Blue Bloods is Not One of Three CBS Shows Renewed in 2024

Unfortunately for fans, Tom Selleck’s cherished show ‘Blue Bloods’ will not be returning to CBS this year. After thirteen outstanding seasons, it appears that the Reagan family’s riveting police drama is coming to an end. Despite its dedicated fan base, CBS has removed ‘Blue Bloods’ from their list of renewed programming for 2024.

‘Blue Bloods’ To Conclude After 14 Seasons

After nearly fifteen years on air, the hit series “Blue Bloods” is set to wrap up its run. CBS Entertainment President Amy Reisenbach and CBS Studios President David Stapf jointly announced the news, recognizing the show’s significant impact on Friday nights since its premiere in 2010.

Reisenbach and Stapf acknowledged the series’ history, thanking Leonard Goldberg for developing the show and the excellent cast led by Tom Selleck. They congratulated the dedicated writing and production staff for creating captivating episodes throughout the years, promising a satisfying ending in the approaching final season.

“Blue Bloods” has been a ratings powerhouse, dominating Friday nights and ranking as the third-highest broadcast drama during its last season. The final season, consisting of 18 episodes, is being released in two parts, with the first ten episodes already airing and the remaining eight scheduled for the fall. Fans can catch the show live on Paramount+.

The core cast, including Selleck, Will Estes, Donnie Wahlberg, Andrew Terraciano, and Bridget Moynahan, has returned for the final season, promising an emotional and thrilling conclusion to the Reagan family saga.

Which Three CBS Shows Will Be Renewed in 2024?

This year, CBS plans to renew three excellent shows, ensuring that fans remain hooked to their TVs. The Drew Barrymore Show and The Young and the Restless were both renewed for new seasons, promising more drama and entertainment. In addition, Tracker returns for a second season, engaging audiences with its intriguing tale. However, it is not all good news; Young Sheldon, S.W.A.T., and Bob Hearts Abishola’s runs will finish by the end of 2024.


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    • Blue Bloods is the. Best. Show on television. You are idiots for canceling it. You will lose viewership 🤬

  1. I really like SWAT, Fire Country & Blue-bloods. If they stop them they will lose a ton of watchers . They should all be renewed my only Friday night TV shows!!!

  2. So wrong, the best program on television is ending and the stupid will continue. Blue Bloods is amazing!

    • Done with CBS. One of the best shows on CBS – Blue Bloods – and you are removing it. Well I guess I will move on to another channel also.

  3. I guess I won’t be watching CBS anymore. . U renew dumb shows but u cancel the best.I just pray another station would kindly pick up swat and blue bloods.

  4. Done with CBS! Only show we watch.Thank goodness for all the reruns on other channels.Maybe another station NBC will pick this up. CBS is being trash reality tv!

  5. This is one of the only shows that my entire family watch together. There is no profanity just a great family and lots of action. I want my kids to see that familes still get together without it being a holiday or birthday. This is a family show with tons to offer for everyone of every age. Blue Bloods should not be cancelled. Is good family TV not money making or popular anymore for CBS? So discouraged and disappointed.

  6. Done with CBS. One of the best shows on CBS – Blue Bloods – and you are removing it. Well I guess I will move on to another channel also.

  7. I guess a truly family show teaching good values doesn’t count as much as trashy shows where vulgarity, sex and bad influences count more. I am truly ashamed of the decision makers who voted to show their true colors. They chose trash over being the station that leads our viewers in decency.

  8. I can’t believe that they would cancel a show that the cast and public all want to continue. It will be a loss to us but a greater loss to CBS Because we will not watch any replacements for Friday evening and that will cost sponsorship.
    We will just go out with family to dinner and sporting events.

  9. I wish CBS would change their mind about this cancelation and keep this show. I have watched every episode mostly with my family and I would continue to do so. It is my theory that the moguls at CBS don’t want good family shows on the air anymore, especially any that are conservative and have scenes that glorify Christian values. It’s a real shame, because the is such a great show.

  10. Insanity! A soap and a talk show, instead of Blue Bloods? I believe this CBS president is purposely NOT LISTENING to fans or the actors. It makes no sense. Blue Bloods is the best series on television. Why would you want to lose that? CBS will lose me on Friday for sure and maybe totally. But, they don’t care about their ratings.

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