Blue Bloods’ Anti-Cancellation Petition Failed to Gather Signatures


Blue Bloods fans are heartbroken at the show’s cancellation following Season 14. Despite efforts to save it through a petition that received only 893 signatures, the decision is final.

Mixed emotions abound, with some believing it was time to finish and others hoping the Reagan family saga would continue, particularly with Tom Selleck’s involvement.

Fans of Blue Bloods Petitioned Against Its Cancellation.

On November 20, 2023, the official Blue Bloods Facebook account announced the show’s cancellation after its 14th season. Fans expressed sadness and memories of the series.

Alex Bogue started a petition on to stop the cancellation, urging fans to use #SaveBlueBloods. Despite efforts on social media, the campaign lacked significant traction.

The #SaveBlueBloods Petition is Severely Underperforming.

Blue Bloods, despite being a long-time favorite, was cancelled, which devastated many fans. However, a petition established by Bogue has only received 893 signatures on, with only 112 originating from being shared on the Blue Bloods subreddit.

This lack of support pales in relation to the show’s viewership ratings, implying that the petition is not having a substantial impact.

Moderators may view this as an indication of the show’s dwindling popularity, thus reducing the petition’s impact. While some fans believe it is time for Blue Bloods to end its 13-year run, others believe there are more hidden stories about the Reagan family.

However, until the petition develops traction and receives more than 893 signatures, it is unlikely to influence decision-makers.


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  1. Well, I never saw the petition and I’m sure there are thousands of other people who never saw it. Everybody doesn’t see everything on Facebook or any other Internet place. I’m sure if they put it in all. The normal chat sites. there would’ve been a lot more signatures. But of course we all know that the people in charge find a way to make it look like they are right about everything. Blue blood readings will go up as soon as the show comes back on and then we all know the truth. They will put a bunch of stupid shows on for the younger crowd and we old folks who love blue bloods, and NCIS will not watch the stupid new shows. Bluebirds has a good moral message and inspiration in it and not full of sex and nudity like so many of the new shows. C BS still has the most shows.. PLEASE RECONSIDER AND KEEP BLUE BLOODS 🙏👍🙏

  2. I never saw that petition although being in several Blue Bloods groups. This makes me so mad. I did write the people in charge of the show. This is by far one of the best shows on tv. Heartbreaking to see it end.

  3. I never saw petition and I love Bluebloods. My hubby was a cop and we look forward to the show each week. Will really miss it. The cast seemed Iike family members.

  4. Never saw a petition where was it on the moon? Please leave Blue Bloods on the air there is millions of viewers that do not want to see this go. Put it on another network if CBS doesn’t want it anymore.

  5. I certainly didn’t see the petition or I would have been all over it! It is one show that I love and all that it stands for. Values, family and love!

  6. My absolute favorite television show for the past 13 years is Blue Bloods. My wife and I watched every episode at least once and we would be really sad if Blue Bloods doesn’t get a Season 15. Millions of fans love the show. It’s clean tv with good values. That is rare these days. Please save Blue Bloods.

  7. I hadn’t heard anything about a petition until a couple of days ago. I would have signed it and know dozens of people who would have, too. Judith commented that there were probably thousands of people who didn’t know about it and would have signed it. I think that’s an understatement. I think it’s more like tens of thousands of people who would want to save Blue Bloods…maybe even hundreds of thousands of people. I hope CBS and the powers that be are able to pull their heads out of their backsides long enough to realize what a huge mistake this is and reconsider their decision. Blue Bloods still has many, many storylines they can persue over the next few years.

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