Blue Bloods actor Will Estes Intends To Steal Jamie’s Pants Once The Show Concludes


Since 2010, “Blue Bloods” has been a CBS staple. It is currently in its 13th season and continues to attract a large number of viewers with each new episode.

People have gotten accustomed to spending their Friday evenings with the Reagan family, who have dedicated their lives to keeping New York City secure. It doesn’t appear that the police procedural will be ending anytime soon, which is great news for both fans and the cast.

They get to keep their steady gigs with a program that is both amusing and addresses real-world challenges. Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) remains the family patriarch, while his children all work in different branches of law enforcement.

Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) is a New York City Police Department investigator, and Erin (Bridget Moynahan) is an Assistant District Attorney. Jamie (Will Estes), the Reagans’ youngest sibling, works as an NYPD sergeant. These roles are perfect for the actors, but if the show ever ends, Estes knows exactly what he’d take off the set as a souvenir.

Will Estes must struggle to find a suitable pair of pants.

Theft of props and costume items by actors is nothing new. It’s a wonderful story to tell on late-night talk shows, and the actor receives a small souvenir to remember their time on the project.

Naturally, these robberies occur after production has wrapped in order to avoid interfering with the rest of the shoot. And if “Blue Bloods” ever decides to call it quits, Will Estes knows exactly what he’d take from the set, and it’s wholly realistic.


The Nerds of Color asked Estes what he would take from “Blue Bloods” if show ended, which hopefully won’t happen anytime soon. Estes replied, “Yeah, Jaime’s pants all fit me like a glove.” If the actor is that eager in carrying a piece of his costume home with him, he must be having difficulty finding a suitable pair of pants that fit. But, if the pants were custom-made for him, it’s understandable that he wouldn’t want to give them up so simply.

Regardless of how long “Blue Bloods” runs, fans can rest easy knowing Will Estes is at ease in his Jamie costumes.

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