There is Only One Way ‘Amy Carlson’ Would Love To Join Blue Bloods Again


Amy Carlson, best known for her role as Linda Reagan on “Blue Bloods,” devastated fans with her character’s unexpected death in Season 8.

The offscreen medevac helicopter crash felt sudden and lacked closure for both viewers and Carlson herself. Despite this, Carlson has expressed openness to returning to the show in one specific way.

Carlson Is Okay With Her Character Coming Back In A Scene That Shows Something From The Past

Amy Carlson stated that she is open to her character making a return in a flashback scene on “Blue Bloods.”

Recognizing the fans’ longing for closure following her character’s sudden exit, she expressed willingness to reprise her role for that specific reason.

A flashback could provide a fitting way to revisit Linda’s story and offer insight into her off-screen death. Donnie Wahlberg also suggested a dream sequence as another potential avenue for Linda’s return, offering fans a chance to see her character once more.

Carlson’s Final Scene in Blue Bloods Made People Feel Very Sad

Amy Carlson’s departure from “Blue Bloods” was marked by an emotionally charged last scene, in which her family’s home was engulfed in flames. This event left her future uncertain on the show.

However, since then, she has kept herself occupied with various projects, such as the horror film “Know Fear,” a few episodes of “The Society” on Netflix, and a comeback to CBS in 2020 for “FBI: Most Wanted” where she plays the role of bounty hunter Jackie Ward.


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    • She can play Danny’s wife again after finding her in another country and bringing her back home to her boys that are older now. I loved her and Danny together as husband and wife, no other woman can play the part like she does so brilliantly. Please bring her back, I miss her being with the family dinners and keeping Danny in check. I promise the ratings would go up tremendously.

  1. A dream scene would provide some closure!
    It was very emotional when she died. Fans develope a personal attachment to the characters.

    I’m very sad if the show doesn’t carry on. 👮🏻‍♀️👮🏼🥸🥺

  2. Linda could come back as a person that got hurt really bad and couldn’t remember who she was till now she remembers . She comes back to see Danny and boys . The re was another lady they didn’t know was on board and they thought it was Linda . If she staying do that if she not staying just do a dream so Danny can have closure and re marry this season

  3. It’s just my personal feelings. I’m probably not everybody’s but I feel like there has been too much behind-the-scenes information and predicted happenings on the show, and that doesn’t leave that much to the imagination and surprise that I think keeps peoples attention more. If we already know what’s going to happen It’s not as exciting as it is knowing so much about everybody’s personal life and their show life. I personally prefer the surprise element when I’m watching a movie or a video or whatever they should’ve waited until this series really was over to tell so much of it. I just love the show and the characters. And of course I like most of the actors too. I will be sad when it’s finally over, but will still continue to watch reruns if they have them. Blue Bloods is a very heartwarming, inspirational show and good for everybody in the family.❤️🙏🙏❤️

  4. Linda never got on the helicopter, she was kidnapped prior to it taking off. She’s been held captive and on one of Danny’s cases finds Linda in the basement. That’s good right there.

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