After A 20-Year Run, NCIS’s Producer Responds Positively: “It’s Open-Ended”


A producer responds positively to NCIS’s “open-ended” prospective future as it continues its 20-year run following the strikes.

When the strikes stop, there may still be a future for NCIS. NCIS debuted as a military procedural spin-off of JAG in 2002. It has quickly dominated the television scene. The show has generated numerous spin-offs, including NCIS: Los Angeles, New Orleans, Hawai’i, and Sydney. Season 20 – the most recent season — concluded in May. While the program has been renewed for another season, the future is unknown due to delays caused by the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes.

There is still hope that NCIS season 21 will be able to proceed without major interruptions once the strikes are over. Executive producer Charles Floyd Johnson discussed its encouraging situation in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The network has not directed anybody to plot the show’s cancellation, so the producers anticipate it will continue as planned. Check out the following quote from him:

The network has not told us, “Wrap it up at the end of the 21st year.” As a result, I believe it is open-ended. We’re acting as though we’re going to keep going.

The NCIS Future

The continuing SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes have placed the entire entertainment industry on halt. Strikes will continue until writers and actors receive proper safeguards, higher residuals, and better working conditions. CBS is currently unable to write, shoot, or use actors or writers to promote their domestic procedurals. Season 21’s production has been pushed back till the strikes expire.


However, one NCIS show is getting ready for a premiere. NCIS: Sydney, a spinoff, will air on November 10 in Australia and November 13 in the United States. The plot centres around the Australian Federal Police collaborating with the US Navy Cr1minal Investigative Services. It is intended to follow the same procedural framework as the other episodes in the franchise, and its debut will be a welcome addition to the Fall television schedule.

However, after Sydney, there will almost certainly be a significant delay before NCIS season 21 can ultimately premiere. Both writing and filming will be required to continue throughout the season. The other spin-offs will have to wait for similar reasons. It is possible that the shows will be postponed until the fall of 2024. Thankfully, Johnson appears to be confidence in NCIS’s future, so there’s no reason to be concerned about future seasons.

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