Actress Marisa Ramirez Would Not Be on ‘Blue Bloods’ Unless These Scenes Happened

Marisa Ramirez’s performance as Maria Baez on “Blue Bloods” has been crucial to the show’s success since her debut in Season 3. Her explosive chemistry with Donnie Wahlberg’s character, Danny Reagan, has captivated audiences.

Tom Selleck attributed the show’s ongoing popularity to its talented cast, intriguing characters, and excellent writing.

Some speculated about Ramirez’s future on the program, but it has already been established that she will return. Fans can’t wait to see what new adventures Baez and Reagan will have as they continue to fight crime in New York City.

Marisa Ramirez is Determined to Keep Her Scenes with Donnie Wahlberg.

Marisa Ramirez is determined to maintain her on-screen chemistry with Donnie Wahlberg, as the actors address the possibility of their characters, Danny and Baez, starting a romance on “Blue Bloods.”

During an appearance on The Talk, Wahlberg expressed concern about potentially losing scenes with Ramirez if their characters were to date, highlighting the importance of their dynamic on the show. Ramirez echoed this sentiment, emphasizing her desire to continue working closely with Wahlberg.

The actors’ commitment to their characters’ relationship reflects the importance of their on-screen partnership to the show’s success.

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