Actor Will Estes Picks a Standout Jamie Reagan Storyline on Blue Bloods as His Favorite

At this point, “Blue Bloods” had hundreds of episodes under its belt.

The Reagan family has been through it everything, from one-off plots to crises that torment the characters for numerous episodes, and while they’ve taken their fair share of knocks, they’ve always managed to come out on top.

Despite the fact that numerous Reagans work in law enforcement, they all get their day to shine, especially Jamie (Will Estes), the youngest of the adult siblings.

Jamie has worked his way up the NYPD ranks, partnering with various officers and even marrying fellow cop Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray).

Naturally, after spending so much time on the procedure, he found it difficult to pick a favorite when questioned during an interview, but one sprang to mind.

He went on to say, “Researching and trying to sort of find out who was responsible for my brother’s d3ath early on in the show was really powerful.”

That’s in reference to the d3ath of Joe Reagan, another of Frank’s (Tom Selleck) kids who provided some powerful stories in the first season of the show. But that wasn’t the only thing that struck Estes while working on “Blue Bloods.”

Will Estes enjoys the plots involving his on-screen wife.

Will Estes also didn’t pull the scenario out of thin air during that interview. During Looper’s exclusive interview with the “Blue Bloods” actor, he stated, “The stuff I really loved was in the beginning, when I got to research my brother’s d3ath and try to find out what happened to him.” He was assassinated by corrupt police officers. So that was a tremendously entertaining plot.

That plotline demonstrated how serious and grim “Blue Bloods” might become, which was a wonderful hook for the first season. However, Estes also appreciates the lighter tales.

Later in the second interview, Estes discussed how much he’s enjoying working on the program with Vanessa Ray, who plays his wife, Eddie. It’s a good thing they get along outside of the camera since chemistry is key. In his own words, “Working with Vanessa Ray has been a lot of fun, and she adds a brightness to my character and the program that is fantastic both on and off camera, for me as an actor and, I believe, for the role.”

Will Estes has had a nice balance of meaningful, serious tales and lighthearted moments. It’s no doubt made the past 13 years of “Blue Bloods” much easier to bear, and perhaps, he’ll have more interesting plotlines worthy of his talents in the future.

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