A Mysterious Baby on ‘Blue Bloods’ Has Us Curious About Her Father!


The latest episode of Blue Bloods, dubbed “Irish Exits,” provided fans with a more in-depth look at the characters’ lifestyles.

One unexpected revelation was Detective Maria Baez’s (Marisa Ramirez) kid. Despite the joy, questions remain concerning the father’s identity and when the birth took place.

With recent occurrences pointing to peril for Baez’s family, viewers are eager for additional information regarding her kid and its father.

Was There A Baby on ‘Blue Bloods’..? The Child Has Certainly Grown!

After a long break from the spotlight, Blue Bloods’ Detective Maria Baez made a dramatic return in the Season 12 finale, “Silver Linings.” In an unexpected twist, Baez decides to adopt a newborn baby girl.

Arturo Muñoz murdered the baby’s biological mother to prevent her from testifying against him, adding a tragic twist to the child’s birth. The baby ended up in Baez’s care as a result of this terrible incident.

Although the baby’s name is revealed in the episode, viewers have not seen much of her since Baez’s adoption. There is also talk concerning Elena’s father’s involvement, which could complicate Baez’s solo parenting path so far.

Who is the biological father of Baez’s child? He’s unlike anyone else we’ve seen on the show.

Baez, a character in the series, is concerned about her daughter Elena’s safety following a threat from her rival, Sam Evans.

Despite the fact that Baez’s love interests are not Elena’s biological father because she was adopted, the identity of Elena’s biological father is unclear. Evans, who earlier threatened Elena, is back in jail, but Baez’s concerns remain.

As a single mother, Baez seeks tranquility while yearning for a romantic relationship with Danny, as revealed in a recent episode. Fans eagerly await new developments, wishing for Baez and Elena’s safety.


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  1. Also, previous posts have said due to budget restrictions the actress portraying Baez will no longer be part of the Blue Bloods cast. Hard to know which posts to believe.

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