A ‘Blue Bloods’ Character Will Not Return for the Remainder of Season 13


Season 13 of Blue Bloods has three episodes left, but don’t expect Will Hochman to return as Joe Hill before the season ends. According to TVLine, the NYPD Detective will not appear in any more episodes this season after only four appearances in Season 13, which was the same number as Season 12. Hochman’s most recent episode was Season 13, Episode 13, “Past History.”

Detective Hill’s absence from the final three episodes is a major disappointment, and there’s no word on how many episodes he might appear in Season 14. At the very least, fans will be able to watch the remaining episodes without having to expect or hope for Joe.

Who knows what will happen in Season 14 and where the story will take the series to include more of Joe. Despite only appearing in a few episodes over the last few years, the detective is clearly a fan favorite, and perhaps he’ll start appearing in more soon.

Because he isn’t interested in many upcoming roles, and depending on when Blue Bloods Season 14 begins filming due to the writers’ strike, it may be time to include more storylines with Detective Hill. Given that he is a member of the Reagan family, he should be included more. Of course, that family is as large as it has ever been, so it’s difficult to ensure that everyone is involved at some point.


Meanwhile, even though Joe will not be in these final episodes of Blue Bloods, they will undoubtedly be entertaining. Joe may not be back for the season finale, but two major Blue Bloods characters will. Danny’s former partner, Jackie Curatola (Jennifer Esposito), and Erin’s daughter, Nicky Reagan-Boyle (Sami Gayle), will return to the series. It’ll still be a packed episode, and it’s not just about the action that will undoubtedly take place.

Joe will hopefully make more appearances in Season 14, but fingers crossed that he is mentioned at some point so fans know he hasn’t been forgotten with the few times he’s been on the show. According to IMDb, Will Hochman does not appear to be overly busy, so perhaps he will find time to appear in more episodes of Blue Bloods next season, assuming the storyline works.

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