‘8 Things’ We do Like to See in a Tiva Return on ‘NCIS’


Michael Weatherly, who last featured on NCIS as Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo in 2016, hinted at a potential return in 2024. Executive producer Steven D. Binder expressed enthusiasm at the possibility.

Tony and Ziva had a daughter, and Ziva later returned in Season 16. In season 17, she reconnected with Tony and their daughter in Paris. Here are eight things we hope to see if Tony and Ziva return together:

Tony and Ziva’s relationship

“Tiva” was teased for a long time on NCIS, with hints of Tony and Ziva’s relationship. They finally kissed onscreen before de Pablo’s departure. While NCIS isn’t focused on romance, it would’ve been nice to see their relationship develop further.

A new Gibbs update!

Gibbs remained in Alaska for the Season 19 finale, and his absence has been noted since. Given their past, Tony and Ziva are surprised not to have heard from him yet. Even a simple update, such as a phone call, would suffice given his importance to both of them.

Tali, Tony, and Ziva

Tali, Tony, and Ziva have been a tight-knit unit since Season 17, with Tony seen with Tali upon his departure. Their bond remains strong off-screen as well.

Working on a case with the group

Tony and Ziva shared amused glances as they studied McGee in his new capacity as a senior field agent, having declined the position of boss. They noted on how far he had gone, noting that while others saw him as a novice, Palmer and Director Vance saw his potential early on. like they discussed the case, it felt natural for them to return to solving crimes like they had done in the past. Their feelings toward Alden Parker, the new commander, remained to be seen.

Tony and Torres’ feud is entertaining, as is the rematch between Ziva and Torres.

There has to be some sort of conflict between Tony and Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) when they meet for the first time. Furthermore, Ziva and Torres discussed rematching their fight.

Tiva’s life in Paris in detail

What exactly have they been up to? What do they do for a living? Is there a weekly date night? Let’s hear about the little things they didn’t get to do while working for NCIS in Washington, D.C.

At the very least, there is talk of going to see the twins at McGee’s.

It would be fantastic if we could see Tony, Ziva, McGee, and Delilah (Margo Harshman) at the dinner table, with Tali and the twins in the background… But, if we can’t, let the episode end with that as the plan before Tony and Ziva leave D.C.

At least a few references to previous episodes

Let’s talk about the time they went undercover (in Season 3’s appropriately titled “Under Covers”). Let’s see how Tony reacts to the fact that he has the plague (from Season 2’s “SWAK”). We don’t need a reference for every scene, but five or six would be ideal.

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