5 Best Tony Scenes We Will Never Forget


It’s been years that Michael Weatherly quit playing Anthony DiNozzo, the very special and fan favorite agent in the long running “NCIS” TV series. Still, fans keep thinking, he will be back in the team, surely. Especially with the Ziva David returning in the “Season 17,” there are at least a few hundred fan theories suggesting the most popular couple “Tiva” will be back in the upcoming season.

Weatherly’s character Tony DiNozzo captured the hearts of millions of viewers, with his funny, cute and unforgettable scenes with the lead character of Gibbs and Ziva. Die-hard Tony fans will have at least 100 scenes to be listed out as the most memorable from the total of 305 episodes that he had appeared. Be it an extremely emotional scene or hot passionate scene, Michael Weatherly gave his best impeccable performance, make it last in our minds forever.

Today, our lovable Michael Weatherly is turning 52. Let’s celebrate the occasion with 5 best scenes of Anthony DiNozzo, we will never forget.

DiNozzo – Captive in Somalia

When Ziva was held as a hostage in Somalian prison, Tony, intentionally got himself captured and led the rescue team to bring her back. If this was not enough, he was on truth serum, saying the most incredible lines anyone could say, like he couldn’t live without Ziva. It was not just that line, but also the one liner to his captor Saleem “Remember when I told you my boss was a sniper?” just before Gibbs put a bullet in the villain. It’s one perfect Tony moment!

DiNozzo – An Undercover Singer

DiNozzo, as the faux-Jamaican singer, gave some really great musical moments in the history of NCIS. During an undercover mission, he singing out everything that he notices in his surroundings, including the target, is one of the best moments of Anthony, we will remember forever. His words “The woman looks Teutonic, she drinks a vodka tonic…,” well, let’s just say, we will surely be reminded of this scene, when we look at a woman drinking vodka.

DiNozza Saving Gibbs

This is one of the few instants when we got to see Tony in his beast-ness, and this scene is actually more like straight out of an action movie, with DiNozzo as the hero. In the climax of Season 7, we get to see Tony diving into water to save Gibbs and former hostage, after blasting at the kidnappers, is not something that we can easily forget. His selflessness and his fear for Gibbs’s safety were portrayed very well by Weatherly.

DiNozzo Almost Died

The episode “SWAK” or “Sealed With A Kiss” – is one of the most memorable in the history of NCIS, and it’s not just for Tony. But, his performance, full of quips and movie references, while being quarantined, was utterly amazing. It was one of the most hectic situations in Tony’s life, and Gibbs solemn “You will not die” bedside promise, or as he says “order,” was simply extraordinary.

DiNozzo – Meets Tali

It will never be fair, if this particular episode doesn’t make it to the list. The moment he gets to know he has a daughter, just after learning that Ziva died in the blast, it was like the world had crashed down on him for Tony. And Weatherly just stole the show with his heart-breaking performance. There is really no words to describe the scene, as the actor had everyone sobbing for his true love with him.

There are many more unforgettable scenes of Anthony DiNozzo, which will stay in the hearts of fans forever, like he and Ziva bidding farewell, after years of flirting, his very first meeting with her, his reason for becoming a “very special agent” from a Baltimore cop. Let us know in your comments, if you think there is any other scene that should have been in this list.

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