3 Heartbreaking Scenes of Blue Bloods That Breaks Our Hearts Every Time We Binge

Blue Bloods is widely regarded as one of the most popular police shows of all time. Almost every episode of every season contains something that makes viewers either gasp in fright or cry during a tense moment.

However, the show has managed to put the fans through a lot over the course of its 13 seasons. The show is filled with terrible scenes, but these three stand out as the most heartbreaking.

1 – Jenny Strong

This is most likely the episode that every Blue Bloods fan finds the most emotional and difficult to watch again. With Friends Like These, the sixth season episode, featured a new character, Jenny Strong.

She is a problematic young woman who was discovered by Jamie and Eddie, two police officers. They recognized her instability and attempted to assist her. She fought her father during the episode and was nearly k1lled in the ensuing police intervention.

Later, the cops placed her in a nursing facility, only to discover that she committed suicide there. Do you really have a heart if you didn’t cry?

2 – What should a mother do?

Blue Bloods’ creators certainly know how to make fans suffer, as the show contains several heartbreaking and horrifying story twists.

One such sh0ck occurred in the season three episode The Bitter End, in which we were all forced to see an actual parenting disaster.

The episode is about a cr1minal gang and, more specifically, Noni, the wife of one of the gang’s members who wants to leave the group.

Noni does the unthinkable to her infant child in order to keep him from becoming a gang member when he grows up.

Noni jumps from the roof while holding her infant in that episode. That scene is one of the show’s most gruesome.

3 – Guiltlessness

Season 2 features an episode with similar title, which relates the story of a guy, Miles Thomas, who is wrongfully accused of assaulting two adolescent girls.

Frank Reagan worked on this case about two decades ago and was now facing the consequences of his conduct.

This man has been imprisoned for the past 18 years for a cr1me he did not commit.

Fans watch not only Thomas’ terrible destiny, but also the range of emotions Reagan had to cope with, as he was the one who made the arrest and now bears the guilt of the unjust conviction.

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