10 Interesting Facts About Pauley Perrette That You Didn’t Know Before

An actress’ genuine personality is often revealed after fifteen years of playing the same character on television. This sentence is almost true for Pauley Perrette. Her fans fondly recall the fifteen years she spent playing Abby Sciuto on NCIS. Fans sometimes forget that the character, a black-haired, black-clothing-loving Goth specialized in DNA and tracking down cr1minals, is nothing like the lady who plays Abby. It’s so easy to believe she’s the same as her television character that we know very little about her. Continue reading for ten fascinating Pauley Perrette facts.

1 – She is allergic to the hair of her character.

In case you weren’t aware, she’s a natural blonde. When she was on NCIS, Perrette had to tint her hair a midnight black color. Her character preferred a Goth style, yet her hair was not black. However, it turns out that Perrette is extremely allergic to the chemicals used to colour her hair black, and she was previously hospitalized as a result of a reaction to the dye. She is now urging her admirers to be aware of the hazards before coloring their hair, as well as the indications, symptoms, and warning indicators that could indicate a serious response.

2 – Pauley Perrette and Mark Harmon Had a Dispute

Some folks may be surprised by this Pauley Perrette information. She and Mark Harmon collaborated for fifteen years and didn’t always get along. He apparently began bringing his dog to work, though, and his dog att4cked a staff member. The crew member who was assaulted by the dog required medical attention and stitches, yet Mark Harmon apparently continued to bring his dog to work. The cast and crew were terrified, so Perrette took their complaints to higher-ups, who barred the dog off the set. She and Harmon couldn’t even work on the same days after that. Their scenes together were shot on different days and then edited together. Following that, she departed the show, making it apparent that she was afraid of Harmon.

3 – She was assaulted outside her home.

Perrette was att4cked by a homeless man outside her own home in 2015. He assaulted her, prompting the cops to intervene. He also threatened her, but she has moved on. She is no longer resentful or furious towards the man who att4cked her.

4 – Perrette had a stroke in 2021.

Her admirers had no idea something so horrible had occurred to her until she published everything she’d learned about strokes on the anniversary of her first stroke. It happened in September 2021, and she had no idea. The actress now asks her followers to be aware of the warning signals, symptoms, and facts. It can happen to anyone, at any age, at any moment.

5 – She is from the South.

Perrette is a Southerner by birth and upbringing. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, but she relocated frequently. We understand that the area is primarily for Creole, yet few places in the country are as southern as Louisiana. She also lived in Georgia, the Carolinas, and Alabama, all of which are very southern states.

6 – She had lofty goals other than being an actress.

If you asked little Pauley Perrette what she wanted to be when she grew up, she knew right away. She planned to work with animals. Of course, if working with animals didn’t work out, she’d join a rock and roll band and become a superstar. That was followed by a fantasy of working for the FBI. She had no idea, however, that she would one day want to work as an actress.

7 – She is a skilled roller skater.

She was a professional roller skating sandwich board wearer before becoming a household name and famous actress. Does that make any sense? She relocated to New York City and obtained a job distributing menus. You could be wondering which eatery. She distributed Taco Bell menus while roller skating and wearing their sandwich board. When you consider how much car and foot traffic there is in New York City, that is quite an accomplishment.

8 – She Is Thankful For Her Life

Even though life has dealt her a slew of scares and close calls, she is grateful for them all. She is grateful to have survived and to be able to do what she does for a living. Nothing seems to take away her natural way of life of gratitude.

9 – Her First Marriage Was Difficult

In the early 2000s, she was married for six years. Perrette and Coyote Shivers were divorced, and it was unavoidable. Following their divorce, the actress was served with a restraining order. Her husband was an abuser, and he fought him for the bulk of their marriage. When their marriage ended, he continued to abuse her physically, sexually, and emotionally.

10 – She never remarried.

Perrette didn’t give up on love after her bitter divorce. She even went as far as getting engaged twice more. She did not, however, remarry. Perrette always stated that she would not marry again until it was lawful for all persons to marry, regardless of sexual orientation or location.

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