Vanessa Ray Felt Blue Bloods Was A Different Show When Eddie and Jamie Got Together


“Blue Bloods” is a long-running CBS procedural that has managed to keep things interesting for fans even after a decade. Throughout that time, the show’s primary premise has remained intact.

The Reagan family, the majority of whom work in law enforcement in some form, is the series’ core focus. Throughout the series, we see how the Reagans interact with others and adjust to having different people serve as allies and rivals.

Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) received a new partner in the form of Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) in Season 4, which caused a major shake-up in the cast.

They worked on several cases together before revealing their affections for one another and starting a romantic connection.

They no longer work together as partners (due to their marriage), yet they see each other frequently while working together in the NYPD.

Jamie and Eddie’s relationship was a crucial turning point in the series, and it marked a huge change in Ray’s perception of the series.

Vanessa Ray began working with new individuals after Eddie and Jamie began dating

Eddie Janko serves mostly as Jamie’s partner in her early episodes. She works cases with him, but that is about it for her position on the program. When the two become romantically involved, things inevitably alter as she begins to mingle more with the other members of the Reagan family.

Vanessa Ray remarked on the change and how she acclimated to it in an interview with The Nerds of Color, saying, “When I started on the show in Season 4, I almost exclusively worked with Will [Estes].” He’s a fantastic scene partner and close buddy.


My career progressed along with Jamie and Eddie’s relationship, and when they ultimately chose to get together/marry. I was working with folks I’d just high-fived in the studio hallway before. It felt like a whole different show.”

Of course, the biggest change since they married is that they are no longer companions on the beat. Eddie now works alongside Officer Rachel Witten (Lauren Patten), which she describes as a great blessing: “I got a new partner in the incredible Lauren Patton.”

Looking back, it’s been quite an arc. Eddie’s voice is becoming more assertive at the dinner table and on the workplace. That appeals to me.” That last sentence relates to Eddie’s inclusion in the Reagan family dinners, which take place every Sunday evening. She’s really grown into her own, and if the stars align, we’ll witness a lot more of her growth in the future.

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