Tom Selleck Eyes Return to ‘Jesse Stone’ After Blue Bloods Ends


It’s a tough pill to swallow, but the end of Blue Bloods appears to be on the way. Despite Tom Selleck’s efforts to preserve the show, CBS has announced its termination. However, Selleck isn’t lingering on the end; he’s already planning his next move.

In a recent interview promoting his book, Selleck expressed his hopes for Blue Bloods’ revival while also acknowledging the possibility of its demise. Should the show end, he has his sights set on resurrecting another beloved character: Jesse Stone.

Jesse Stone is a character from a series of television films that aired from 2005 to 2015. Selleck not only starred in the mysteries, but he also wrote them. His eagerness for returning the role hints that a new Stone story is in the works, providing fans with a long-awaited return to Jesse Stone’s interesting universe.

While the landscape of TV movies has evolved, Jesse Stone remains a timeless favorite among mystery enthusiasts. Based on novels by Robert B. Parker, these films deliver captivating whodunits reminiscent of classic detective tales.

Despite the disappointment of Blue Bloods‘ ending, Selleck stays dedicated to his work. According to reports, he intends to continue working, using his avocado ranch as both inspiration and investment. His attention to his craft and enthusiasm for storytelling come through, making his future attempts highly anticipated.

As the curtain falls on Blue Bloods, it’s clear that Selleck’s journey in entertainment is far from over. Whether he’s solving cr1mes as Frank Reagan or unraveling mysteries as Jesse Stone, his talent and charisma ensure audiences will continue to follow his every move.

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