Actor Tom Selleck Has Revealed A Major Update on The Next ‘Jesse Stone’ Film


Tom Selleck, best known for his famous role in the Jesse Stone film franchise, has given fans an exciting update on the upcoming movie. Selleck confirms that he is still working on it, implying a slight change from his past projects.

Rather than a continuous storyline, this new picture will respect the passing of time by mirroring Selleck’s own aging and introducing Jesse Stone to a new stage of life. Fans are excited about this new take on their favorite character.

Will ‘Jesse Stone’ Find a New Home in the Latest Episode..?

Tom Selleck acknowledges the evolving landscape for Jesse Stone, as the latest installment takes on an intriguing new perspective.

While Hallmark Channel has been the franchise’s long-time home, Selleck hints at potential changes, suggesting the possibility of a new platform. Despite uncertainties, he assures fans that Jesse Stone’s journey will continue, whether on Hallmark or elsewhere.

Since 2005, Tom Selleck’s Popular ‘Jesse Stone’ Franchise Has Been A Success.

Since 2005, Tom Selleck has enthralled audiences with his depiction of homicide detective Jesse Stone, based on Robert B. Parker novels.

Along with his legendary portrayal as Frank Reagan on CBS’s “Blue Bloods,” Selleck has cemented his place as a popular performer on both big and small screens.

With nine successful films in the franchise, Selleck not only plays as Jesse Stone but also produces the series, establishing himself as an industry powerhouse.

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  1. The other one of my favorite, Tom Selleck characters. Would love to see it become a series and Blue Bloods is over but I still pray for Blue Bloods to find a way to continue. It is such a good moral and inspirational series. The family values it displays are necessary in this day and time Due to our country falling apart the way it is ! there are not enough wholesome, moral family stuff shows.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ™ to save the show or replace it with something equally as good. Like Jesse Stone.๐Ÿ™

  2. It is a bit of hyperbole to state Tom is “best known” for Jessee Stone when it is generally acknowledged that Magnum P.I. is what put on the broad landscape in addition to that little bit he does on Blue Bloods.

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