Tom Selleck is Not Ready to Give Up on ‘Blue Bloods’ Yet

Tom Selleck, star of “Blue Bloods,” has confirmed that the show’s 14th season will be its final, with the first half premiering in February and the second later that year.

The finale’s details are undisclosed, but it promises to be remarkable. Selleck expressed gratitude for the 13-year journey, complimenting the show’s representation of New York City’s guardians and the value of family.

He acknowledged the cast, staff, CBS Studios, CBS Network, and his devoted fans. As the series comes to a close, Selleck reflects fondly on his experiences.

How do you feel about Blue Bloods’ ending?

Tom Selleck: CBS will discover that a large number of people are unwilling to let it go. The show is more popular than ever, and I believe [numbers] will rise with the interest this year. We are certainly not out of ideas.

So you aren’t ready to retire to your Ventura, California ranch just yet?

I am not counting down the days till I can do anything else. I enjoy the work. Because I’m older, my hours can be a little longer at times, but so what? I want to work for as long as they will have me.

Is Frank preparing to retire?

He picks fights because he wants someone to take the weight of this obligation off his shoulders and terminate him. But he has a hyperactive sense of responsibility, which he is trapped with.

What part of Blue Bloods makes you the most proud?

Playing an imperfect but capable father. Dad is frequently the moron in television shows and advertising. It is not my goal for the program, but the end result is an example of a vital patriarch in the family. That’s becoming increasingly rare in our culture.

What role does the weekly Reagan family dinner have in the show’s success?

This is the audience’s favorite section. When I saw the eight-page dinner sequence in [executive producer] Leonard Goldberg’s pilot script, I thought, “They’re going to cut that, aren’t they?” He responded, “No, that will be the show’s centerpiece.” He was correct.


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  1. Please, do not cancel this show. It is one of my favorites. I love the family interaction,, good and bad and how they work things out. It is one of the very few TV programs worth watching anymore.

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