In A New Video, Tom Selleck’s Daughter Felt All The ‘Birthday Love’

Hannah, Tom Selleck’s daughter, recently celebrated her 33rd birthday in style, winning over fans with a heartfelt video shared on social media. Hannah is not as well-known as her famous father, but she has established herself as a popular model and equestrian. With nearly 23,000 followers, she expressed gratitude for the wonderful birthday wishes from her fans. Check out her celebrations:

Making Her Own Way as the Daughter of ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck

Meet Hannah Selleck, daughter of renowned actor Tom Selleck from ‘Blue Bloods’ fame. While she could have easily followed in her father’s footsteps into Hollywood, Hannah has chosen to forge her own path – one filled with passion for horses.

Hannah told Equestrian Living that her parents taught her the importance of pursuing her passions. Instead of pushing her into show business, they totally embraced her passion for horses, allowing her to take the lead in her equestrian endeavors.

“I wanted to follow my own path,” she said. “My parents always encouraged me to be passionate about what I do.”

For Hannah, it’s all about the horses. And with her ancestry, beauty, and undeniable talent, she’s carving out her own success in the equestrian world.

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