Tom Selleck Says: ‘We Are Going To Do A 15th Season of Blue Bloods’

Despite Blue Bloods’ cancellation drama, Tom Selleck confirms one more season.

Blue Bloods has been on the air since 2010, but in December 2023, CBS announced that Season 14 will be the show’s end. Fans and cast members of the show reacted aggressively, with fans starting petitions and stars openly supporting the series.

Tom Selleck has been particularly vocal in trying to save Blue Bloods. Now, the star confirms that there will be a Season 15. It’s just a matter of definition.

Tom Selleck Promises Season 15 of Blue Bloods

Tom Selleck, Blue Bloods’ patriarch both on and off-screen, has been an outspoken supporter of the show’s continuation. Despite CBS’s December 2023 declaration that Season 14 would be the final season, Selleck has informed fans of Season 15.

In an interview with Country Living, Selleck explained, “They announced [S14] was gonna be our last season. But what people don’t realize is, we’re gonna do a 15th season. We’re doing a 10-show season, like all the other shows because of the strike, for the 14th season. And we’ll do eight shows in the fall, the premiere of our 15th season.”

Selleck’s perspective effectively redefines the situation: instead of a two-part Season 14, the latter part is now considered Season 15. Despite this creative framing, it’s clear that Selleck hasn’t given up on the fight for Blue Bloods.

Tom Selleck Wants to Keep Blue Bloods Going.

Despite referring to “Season 14 Part 2” as Season 15, Tom Selleck remains determined to salvage Blue Bloods. The actor is continuing his public crusade against CBS’ decision to cancel the show, expressing hope that the network will reconsider.

“I think CBS will come to their senses. My hope is [that] CBS wakes up to the fact that we’re still winning the night on Friday and performing on Paramount Plus,” Selleck stated in a recent interview.

Blue Bloods remains one of CBS’s top performers in viewership, but the network seems determined to cancel it. Some fans agree the show has run its course and should end on a high note.

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  1. I wish they would keep this quality show on the air. It is so much more enjoyable than those ridiculous competition shoes where people allow themselves to be yelled at and insulted or used There is no entertainment value in those reality shows

  2. The people who want to end Blue Bloods are not real fans. If they don’t like blue bloods, they can watch a different channel, but the true blue fans should not lose out on the show because of the ones that don’t like it or are tired of it. The real fans around the world Are the true fans the ones who want to keep it going as long as the actors are willing. actors have lives too, and some may want to move onto other things and that’s understandable and the fans should accept that but we just cannot accept canceling such a good show and inspirational show and whole family show. You don’t have to worry about your kids or grandkids watching a bunch of violence sex and foul language. Blue Bloods is a good wholesome show and there are not enough of those kind on anymore. CBS, please listen to the fans and keep Blue Bloods going because you won’t find anything better and if you put something that we don’t like on, we’re not going to watch it. We can turn the channel too👍🙏🤗🙏

  3. I agree with Bobbie. I don’t watch ANY reality. It’s a complete waste of time and money. Blue Bloods is 2nd only to MASH. CBS is making a huge mistake cancelling Blue Bloods. I hope they come to their senses soon.

  4. I love Blue Bloods. I just started watching it last year and it’s the best show on TV. Keep them coming!!

  5. I hope this show will continue I love everything about this show The caters-the writers ( they weave the story about the issues in real time) I especially love the generational family the Sunday dinners, It is definitely a WINNER 🥇

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