The Four NCIS Shows Are Ordered From Worst To Best


NCIS has been on CBS for 20 seasons, making it one of the network’s longest-running shows. Not only that, but NCIS established a whole brand, providing viewers with numerous spinoffs over the years.

But we can’t give NCIS all the credit. JAG is the show that started it all. Some of you may recall that the show was introduced to the globe through a backdoor pilot from the show JAG. And the rest, as they say, is history!

If you like the first NCIS, you can easily get into the rest. Nonetheless, there is always a favorite. You know, that one series that makes you a little more thrilled than the rest.

The show you look forward to viewing every week and are let down when a new episode does not air. Which NCIS series do you prefer?

The original series and its three spinoffs, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Hawaii, are ranked. Don’t forget that another spinoff, NCIS: Sydney, is in the works, and will be the franchise’s first overseas series.

However, because Sydney has not yet been launched, we will not include it in this list.

The four NCIS shows are ordered from worst to best.

Please keep in mind that this ranking is based on audience scores and ratings, as well as our personal preferences.

NCIS: Los Angeles (2009-2023)


Los Angeles premiered on CBS in September 2009 and has aired for 14 seasons. Each season’s ratings have fallen since its debut. The season 14 finale did outperform the season 13 finale, drawing 5.4 million viewers compared to 4.44 million in season 13. Still, I’d argue that the show’s Sunday night time slot isn’t helping it. Sadly, CBS has decided not to renew Los Angeles for a second season.

I realize I’m rating Los Angeles fourth, but if the ranking were simply based on action and excitement, this offshoot would be first. However, I didn’t connect with the people or their tales as much as I did with the previous shows.

NCIS: Hawai’i (from 2021 – to the present)


Hawai’i is the franchise’s newest program, and it has quickly become a fan favorite. Its second season concluded on May 22, 2023, however CBS ordered a third season renewal months before the season 2 conclusion in February 2023. Of course, with the imminent release of Sydney, Hawai’i will no longer be the baby of the family.

Hawai’i features military cases and takes place on an island in Hawaii where Special Agent Charge Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) works at the Pearl Harbor Field Office. Yasmine Al-Bustami, Tori Anderson, Noah Mills, and Alex Tarrant also appear in the series.

NCIS: New Orleans (2014-2021)


Unfortunately, this is another canceled spinoff, and New Orleans did not have as many seasons as Los Angeles, but a total of seven seasons. NCIS: New Orleans is the franchise’s first cancellation. The series concluded on May 23, 2021. Throughout the final season, New Orleans averaged roughly 4.5 million viewers per episode, a substantial decrease from the season 6 episode average of about 6 million.

Though New Orleans can be predictable at times, especially given how similar it is to the original series, it ranks second for its cast (Rob Kerkovich, Scott Bakula, Vanessa Ferlito, and Daryl Mitchell) and no-holds-barred stories.

NCIS (from 2003 – to the present)


Is anyone surprised that NCIS is our top pick? It’s the show that got it all started. Despite the fact that two of its spinoffs have been canceled, NCIS undoubtedly has a big fan base. The long-running CBS procedural includes some of the most compelling cases, the narrative are easy to follow, and the cast has great chemistry.

Do you agree with our order? If you don’t, please share yours with us; we’d love to know! Which of these shows is your favorite? Do you prefer the original, or are you more interested in one of the spinoffs? On Paramount+, you can catch up on episodes (or revisit any season).

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    • I haven’t seen Hawaii but LA is by far the long way last. It got to be silly. Not at all funny and Chris O’Donnel can’t really act.

  1. NCIS..way out in front,followed by NCIS Los Angeles, then NCIS Hawaii, was very interested much in ncis new Orleans, and watched that Ncis Sydney..will not be looks and sounds like a joke..bring back NCIS Los Angeles..Most of all we here in good old Australia..bring back Leroy Jethro Gibbs..

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