Good News From Steve Schirripa

On Blue Bloods, Detective Anthony Abetemarco (Steven Schirripa) has been a consistent backer of Erin Reagan’s (Bridget Moynahan) ascension to District Attorney since season 6. While season 13 hinted at a fracture between them, they remained a team by the end.

There’s no indication that Steven Schirripa will be leaving the show in season 14. He hasn’t reported any conflicts with the cast or crew, nor has he expressed a desire to depart.

In fact, key cast members, including Moynahan, Donnie Wahlberg, and Tom Selleck, all agreed to pay cuts to ensure the show’s creative team remains intact until the final season in 2024, suggesting budget considerations might be at play.

Schirripa has expressed his admiration for Moynahan’s work and his enjoyment of playing Anthony. He admires the character’s ability to provide a new perspective despite being a harsh, old-school detective. Anthony’s presence provides a crucial outside perspective on the Reagan family dynamic. According to this source, Anthony Abetemarco will continue to be a regular on Blue Bloods in its last season.


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  1. Please leave Blue Bloods on the air for awhile,it is the best Cop show i have ever seen and i love Danny and Baez and want to see a romance and marriage happen for these two,Thank you very much for letting me voice my opinion. A faithful watching Blue Bloods fan

  2. Its the best show on TV, why are you getting rid of it? So many people love it and will no longer watch your station if you cancel it. You will have BAD ratings.

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