Remember Linda Kozlowski? Try Not To Gasp When You See Her Now

Linda Kozlowski, once known for her role in “Crocodile Dundee,” has transformed her life into a remarkable story of reinvention and adventure. Following her Hollywood career, she ventured into real estate, garnering the nickname “Queen of Silicon Beach” for her shrewd investments. Along with her commercial ability, she prioritized fitness, undergoing revolutionary cryogenic treatments and adopting a health-conscious lifestyle.

But perhaps the most enchanting twist in her story is her love affair with Morocco, where she now resides with her husband, Mle Hafid Baba. Embracing a new chapter, she’s found passion in travel and hints at potential forays into fashion.

From the glitz of Hollywood to the allure of Moroccan culture, Linda Kozlowski’s journey epitomizes resilience, reinvention, and a boundless zest for life beyond the silver screen.


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  1. Everyone ages, & changes, and I resent the fact that I am always seeing before, & after pics of celebrities. Leave them alone!!!!!

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