Possibility of Daez Becoming Canon in Blue Bloods Season 14, Yet Donnie Wahlberg Remains Uncertain

Blue Bloods fans are divided on the possibility of a romance between Danny Reagan and Maria Baez, often known as ‘Daez.’

While some people support this plot, others, including actor Donnie Wahlberg, believe it will disrupt the dynamic between the characters. As the final season approaches, it remains to be seen how the authors will handle this fan controversy.

Wahlberg’s Thoughts on the Fan Favorite Pairing

Donnie Wahlberg, who plays Danny Reagan on the show, believes that his character should maintain a professional partnership with Maria Baez.

He expressed concerns that a romantic relationship between them would limit their on-screen interactions, potentially affecting the show’s storyline.

Wahlberg pointed out how the dynamic changed when another character, Jamie Reagan, got married and had to find a new partner, resulting in fewer scenes with his spouse.

Daez Could Be a Good Choice for the Finale

Given the forthcoming Season 14 finale, it’s worth examining the Danny and Baez interaction. While Donnie highlighted Daez as an option for 2021, the present situation may need a different strategy.

Bringing them closer in the end could satisfy fans without undermining Donnie’s statement. Plot-wise, Baez’s incorporation into the Reagan household implies a close tie beyond their working partnership.

However, not every plot must revolve around romance; rich and fascinating relationships can exist platonically. Finally, the finale should provide a suitable ending for viewers to consider without relying primarily on love themes.

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