‘Not Acceptable!’ says Abby Sciuto, The Real Reason She Should Have Been Sacked From NCIS Years Ago

Abby Sciuto was an iconic member of the NCIS team, distinguished by her jet-black hair and gothic style.

NCIS season 19 is well underway on CBS, with a nearly totally new staff in charge. After Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) left the program in 2018, forensic specialist Kasie Hines (played by Diona Reasonover) took over the role.

She had been with NCIS from its inception, and many fans admired her for being unafraid to be unconventional.

Would Abby Sciuto’s outfits have been deemed “appropriate” at NCIS?

Fans of the hit TV show NCIS are aware with the legendary character Abby Sciuto, who is noted for her unique flair that distinguishes her from other forensic team members.

Abby’s dress choices, including heavy eye shadow, outfits emblazoned with slogans and chains, and an assortment of dog collars, have aroused debate among viewers regarding her appropriateness for a real-world forensics career in the government.

Responding to a Reddit query about the appropriateness of Abby’s attire, user HtTrkPtrk highlighted a scene from the show where Gibbs advises her to ignore objections from administrative staff about her clothing choices.

However, former government worker DinoDigger30 shed light on the realities of workplace dress codes, emphasizing that Abby’s style would likely not meet standard requirements.

While some personalization might be tolerated, extreme elements like oversized spikes in jewelry would likely be restricted.

Fans were heartbroken by Abby’s departure from NCIS at the end of season 15, where she faced danger, resulting in the tragic death of Agent Clayton Reeves. Following the event, Abby resigned her post and founded a nonprofit in Reeves’ memory.

Abby’s exit marks the end of an era for NCIS viewers, leaving a legacy of distinct style and steadfast commitment to her team.

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  1. It is fiction not a real government agency and we’re making movies there’s a lot of leeway and what’s allowed. Sometimes things like that add to the show not detract from it. The show is for entertainment and Abby was definitely an entertainer on the show. Everybody has their own certain ways And it’s always easy to criticize others but most of us don’t like to be criticized. If you don’t like the way that shows run you don’t have to watch the show but we do like it don’t mind Abby dressing the way she does 🤗‼️👍

  2. That is rubbish it just a fictional program. Abby character was entertaining and a lot of fun. It is not real people. This was entertainment.

  3. We all carry our own opinions and here’s mine personally I enjoyed Abby she brought so much humor and fun to the show sometimes you need a little blend of that in drama just my opinion.

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