‘NCIS’: Sean Murray Shares Throwback Michael Weatherly Photo, Fans Call for Reunion


NCIS debuted in 2003 as a unique blend of police procedural and military drama, following the Naval Cr1minal Investigative Service and their efforts to track down murd3rous cr1minals plaguing the Navy and Marine Corps.

Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon), Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette), Dr. “Ducky” Mallard (David McCallum), and Anthony DiNozzo were all introduced in the first season of NCIS (Michael Weatherly).

Then came episode 7, in which an awkward Probationary Agent named Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) first entered the unit.

Senior Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo reveled in (affectionately) hazing McGee from the moment he was introduced to the NCIS team, referring to him only as “Probie.” Or “McGeek”…or “McGoo”…or “McProbie”…and so on.

However, the senior special agent gradually developed a genuine friendship with McGee. By the time DiNozzo retired in Season 13, the two had developed a brotherly bond.

‘NCIS’ Star Sean Murray Instigates Fan Reaction With Throwback Post

Sean Murray touched the hearts of fans who haven’t seen McGee and DiNozzo together in six years in a recent Instagram post, posting a behind-the-scenes image of the hilarious scene in which DiNozzo uses McGee’s tie to stop the blood gushing from his injured nose.

The flashback, of course, enraged fans, with many claiming that the bond between Tony and Tim was their favorite part of the series.

“I adore you and Tony!” “I miss seeing you two together!” wrote one fan. “I miss this iconic duo on NCIS!” exclaimed another.

Others hoped that the NCIS star was hinting at a cameo in Season 20, which premieres in September. “Gosh, I miss you all so much.” “I’m hoping for a Ziva/Tony episode this season!” one fan said.


“Wait, what does this mean…?” Is this duo reuniting?” another person wrote “Please say this is a hint that he’ll be back.” That would be incredible,” a third person added.

Is Michael Weatherly set to return for Season 20..?

Season 19 was a difficult season for NCIS fans. It was difficult to accept the departure of beloved characters like Anthony DiNozzo and his partner, Ziva David, earlier in the series, but accepting the departure of NCIS mainstay Jethro Gibbs was the most heartbreaking of all.

With the next batch of episodes on the way, fans are hoping to see at least one of their long-lost favorites return. Of course, all of them would be preferable, but anything to alleviate the heartbreak of watching Gibbs retire would be appreciated.


So, could Sean Murray’s post be a foreshadowing of a Michael Weatherly cameo? It’s certainly possible. After the cancellation of his most recent show, Bull, he appeared to be without a project. NCIS creator Steven D. Binder has stated that he would “absolutely love” to have DiNozzo return.

Only time will tell if Anthony DiNozzo returns to the NCIS unit in Season 20. Because his old friend McGee is now the Senior Special Agent, even a brief cameo would make for some entertaining scenes.

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