NCIS: How Much Money Is Mark Harmon Paid Per Episode?

The 67-year-old actor’s salary will sh0ck you.

If you’re a fan of NCIS, one of your favorite cast members is likely Mark Harmon, who plays the role of Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the head agent at the Naval Cr1m1nal Investigative Service. His no-nonsense demeanor and tough style made him one of the most loved actors on the show. Here’s how much money NCIS star Mark Hamon is paid per episode.

NCIS cast

Mark Harmon joined the NCIS cast in 2003. He has also made appearances on the NCIS spinoff show NCIS: New Orleans. When CBS News’ Gail King talks about Harmon’s star power, the actor said the credit goes to the entire NCIS cast. Although he is the star of the show, Harmon says he gives credit to the entire cast:

I’m part of this group, part of this team, and it works. In the beginning, it was so hard that the only thing we had control over was the work. That still remains the same, and it’s a very strong core cast and great actors, and they all love the work and want to be there, and work hard at it… We all do it together, and so that’s really why I won’t take the credit.

Most will agree NCIS is one of the best shows on TV. When asked what makes the show such a big hit, NCIS star Harmon had a surprising answer. The actor said the show’s success is all about the humor. “You know, it’s really the humor. There’s a case, but we don’t always solve the case. It was always character strong and it had humor. And from the very beginning we had that, and that’s maintained, and I think that’s what makes a difference,” said Harmon.

How much money Mark Harmon is paid per episode

NCIS star Mark Harmon is doing quite well for himself when it comes to salary. The actor makes $525,000 per episode for his starring role in NCIS. Although this is a lot of money, it’s nowhere near the salary of some of the other stars on CBS. The main stars of The Big Bang Theory cast each earn $900,000 per episode.  

Mark Harmon is one of America’s highest-paid actors

In 2018, Forbes listed Harmon as the fifth highest-paid actor on television. Harmon makes $19 million a year for his work on the CBS show, according to the publication. Part of the reason the actor makes such a nice salary is because he negotiated a cut of the show’s profits, taking a page out of The Big Bang Theory cast playbook. Furthermore, Harmon is executive producer of NCIS, so that also affects his earnings.  

Mark Harmon’s net worth

Mark Harmon has an estimated net worth of $90 million.

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