Michael Weatherly is Supposedly Ready to Return to ‘NCIS’ – But He Doesn’t Want to Do That Without Cote de Pablo


Michael Weatherly, the former NCIS star, is reportedly in talks to return to the CBS cr1me drama. However, one of his demands is impeding negotiations.

Weatherly, who played Tony DiNozzo on the hit cr1me drama, has stated that he will only return if producers bring back Cote de Pablo.

‘NCIS’ star Michael Weatherly is reportedly in talks to return.

Weatherly was a cast member on NCIS from 2003 until 2016, when he left to lead the show Bull.

Weatherly is reportedly negotiating a comeback with CBS executives now that Bull has ended.

With one exception, executives are pleased to bring Weatherly back, according to Hello Magazine. According to reports, the actor is lobbying for the return of his former co-stars, de Pablo and Robert Wagner.

Unfortunately, producers are hesitant to meet his demands. Bringing Weatherly back in is one thing, but doing the same for de Pablo and Wagner is quite another.

The good news is that de Pablo has already visited NCIS. Reuniting her with Weatherly has long been a fan favorite and would be a huge boost for the show.

Despite the fact that CBS has yet to confirm the news, Weatherly has been dropping hints about his return.

The ‘NCIS’ alum teases a Tony and Ziva reunion.

Weatherly has teased his return to NCIS on social media on a regular basis. He has also dropped hints about de Pablo reuniting with him, leaving viewers with the impression that something is in the works.

On New Year’s Day a few months ago, Weatherly tweeted a celebratory message. After some fans expressed their desire to see Tony and Ziva (de Pablo) reunite, the actor dropped a major hint.

Weatherly teased his followers that this year might hold some surprises. Many people interpreted this as confirmation that an NCIS revival is on the way.

“Stay tuned… because this could be an interesting year for such’moments!'” he wrote.

Weatherly has not confirmed that he will be returning to NCIS in the near future. There have also been rumors about a potential NCIS spinoff centered on Tony and Ziva, which have intensified since the conclusion of NCIS: Los Angeles.

Michael Weatherly keeps bringing up Tony DiNozzo on social media.

Weatherly didn’t stay away from TV screens for long after saying goodbye to his beloved role as Agent Tony DiNozzo on NCIS in 2016. He later starred in the CBS drama Bull, which aired for a few years.

Fans are eager for his return to NCIS now that the show has concluded. And, based on his recent Twitter activity, their wishes may come true sooner rather than later.

Weatherly recently posted on Twitter about an article he and his character, Tony DiNozzo, would like to read together. The article was about old Hollywood photos, and fans wondered if there was more to the post.

“This is something Anthony DiNozzo and Michael Weatherly would be reading simultaneously,” he wrote.

This isn’t the first time Weatherly has mentioned NCIS. He told his Twitter followers in February that he had spent time in Los Angeles and was working on some “interesting things.”

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