Mark Wahlberg Reacts to Blue Bloods Conclusion

As the beloved cop drama Blue Bloods prepares for its final season, Mark Wahlberg reflects on the show’s incredible run and the possibility of a great finish.

In an exclusive conversation with ET while promoting his latest film, The Family Plan, on Apple TV+, Wahlberg complimented his older brother Donnie and the entire Blue Bloods ensemble for their incredible success. “Congratulations to Donnie, Tom (Selleck), and the entire cast! “It’s truly an incredible accomplishment,” he said, recognizing the difficulties of maintaining a long-running series in the competitive world of television.

With speculation swirling about how the show will conclude, fans are eager for surprises in the upcoming season. Could Mark Wahlberg make a guest appearance alongside his brother? While details remain scarce about Season 14, the split season format promises ten episodes airing in February and an additional eight slated for the fall.

As Blue Bloods concludes, viewers can expect an emotional and dramatic finale. It’s unclear if Wahlberg will play himself or a new position in the Reagan family dynamic, but anticipation is strong for what promises to be a spectacular conclusion to a beloved series.

Don’t miss the premiere of Blue Bloods’ final season on CBS, airing Friday, February 16 at 10 p.m. ET, with streaming available the following day on Paramount+.

As the countdown to the series finale begins, fans can only hope for one more surprise: a reunion of the Wahlberg brothers on the Blue Bloods set.


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  1. Blue Bloods is the best show every, I have watch the show for a long time, love the actors, Tom and Danny were always my favorite, I will always watch it on reruns or DVD, everyone loves Blue Bloods

  2. My very favorite tv series ever! I never have missed an episode and I watch all the reruns on WE, ION, UP and on streaming channels. I don’t care how many times I have seen the episodes, I watch again and again. Since I have to be your #1 fan, I should get to do a meet and greet or come see a taping of an episode or something. I have followed Tom Selleck entire career. I loved Hawaii Five-O and all the “Cold” movies. I will be in mourning when season 14 is over. Thank you to the entire cast for making me part of your family. My favorite has always been Sunday dinner. Please don’t end! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Blue Bloods ending is like loosing part of my family. The first show aired 3 months after my husband of 42 years passed away. It really helped me get thru that first year of grieving. The dinners are the best and most enjoyable part of the show. I do love all the actors and the parts they play. I am really going to miss them on Friday nights.

  4. I love Blue Bloods. I love Tom Selleck and Len Cariou. It’s a shame that CBS decided to cancel.

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