Blue Bloods actor Marisa Ramirez Celebrates ‘Easter’ with Her Daughter in Heartwarming Photos

Easter Sunday brings joy nationwide, and Marisa Ramirez is spreading the warmth on Instagram. The actress delights fans with adorable snapshots alongside her daughter, Violet, in festive bunny ears and pastel ‘freckles’ shaped like stars and hearts.

In one sweet moment, Violet hugs the Easter Bunny tightly, capturing the essence of the holiday. Ramirez’s Instagram post radiates happiness, inviting followers to share in their Easter celebrations. 🐰💖 #EasterJoy #FamilyFun”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Gives Marisa Ramirez a Heartfelt Birthday Message

“Donnie Wahlberg Celebrates ‘Blue Bloods’ Co-Star Marisa Ramirez’s Birthday with Heartwarming Message and Hilarious Video Compilation!

On September 15, Wahlberg shared a poignant Instagram post wishing Ramirez a happy birthday, complete with a loving message and a wonderful video montage highlighting their incredible on-screen chemistry. The two have had a close relationship for nearly a decade, as seen by their real companionship both on and off set.

Wahlberg praised Ramirez as an incredible friend and partner, emphasizing their unwavering support and laughter-filled moments. Adding his signature humor, Wahlberg joked about their enduring friendship and hinted at the possibility of ‘Gray Bloods’ or ‘Bald Bloods’ in the future.

Fans were overjoyed with the touching homage and eagerly await more seasons of their favorite duo on ‘Blue Bloods.’ “Happy birthday, Marisa Ramirez!”

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