Blue Bloods actor Marisa Ramirez Celebrates ‘Easter’ with Her Daughter in Heartwarming Photos

Easter Sunday is here, and families all over the country are celebrating. Blue Bloods star Marisa Ramirez is filling our Instagram feeds with heartwarming Easter cuteness.

Ramirez is all smiles in her Easter Sunday post with her young daughter, Violet. And this year, both the Blue Bloods star and Violet are going all out for Easter!

The message on the adorable Sunday Instagram message reads, “Happy Easter!” The Instagram post includes three photos of the actress and her daughter enjoying the holiday this weekend.

Violet and Marisa Ramirez are all smiles and sporting some hilarious pink bunny ears, as well as some Easter-themed pastel “freckles” in the shape of stars and hearts, in the first photo.

Violet is the star of the next photo, in which she gives the Easter bunny a big Easter hug. Finally, the final image returns to the adorable mother-daughter theme, with the two smiling alongside the Easter Bunny.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Gives Marisa Ramirez a Heartfelt Birthday Message

Fans of the hit CBS police procedural TV show know that Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan and Marisa Ramirez’s Maria Baez have one of the best on-screen chemistry. What contributes significantly to the duo’s on-screen success? The fact that they have a great off-screen relationship.

This off-screen relationship and bond that the two actors share is highlighted in a recent Instagram post by Donnie Wahlberg in honor of his costar’s birthday.

“Happy Birthday, Marisa Ramirez,” begins the actor’s heartfelt birthday message.

Donnie Wahlberg includes an awesome video compilation of the two in his September 15 post. The two-and-a-half-minute video depicts various aspects of their friendship. The clip contains several emotional scenes involving the duo’s Blue Bloods characters. From hilarious filming outtakes and bloopers to witty exchanges and funny series scenes.

“I don’t call it work because it’s been nothing but a joy for the last almost decade,” Wahlberg writes in an Instagram post to his Blue Bloods co-star.

“If it appears that we’re having fun and have each other’s back, that’s because we always do,” the star continues. “I couldn’t ask for a more incredible, trustworthy, and absolutely hilarious friend/partner, both on and off-screen.”

Of course, no heartfelt message from Wahlberg is complete without some levity, and this one is no exception.

“Have the happiest of Birthdays, my dear friend (I’m not sure how you got the day off on yours and I didn’t on mine, but whatevahhhhh),” Wahlberg jokes. “Here’s to the next ten seasons.” Then we’ll refer to it as ‘Gray Bloods.’ So, I’ll probably call it Bald Bloods by then, but what the heck! Always with love and light!”

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