Maria Bello Posted an Emotional Instagram With Mark Harmon Before Her ‘NCIS’ Departure


Maria Bello, the beloved actress behind Jack Sloane, was bidding farewell to the hit show after three gripping years. In a recent emotional Instagram post with co-star Mark Harmon, Maria hinted at her departure, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

As Sloane’s plot progresses in season 18, Gibbs confronts the harsh reality of her impending departure, leaving us all wondering how NCIS will handle this huge shakeup. Prepare for the twists and turns ahead!

So Why is Sloane, a.k.a Maria Bello, Leaving NCIS?

Maria Bello, known as Sloane in NCIS, has bid farewell to the show after over three years, choosing not to renew her contract. She agreed to film eight episodes to give Sloane a fitting exit. While Maria hasn’t given a detailed reason for her departure, it seems she’s eager to explore new projects.

She is going to produce and write for Viola Davis’s upcoming drama “The Woman King”. Maria shared mixed emotions on Instagram, appreciating the kindness of the NCIS cast and staff and thanking fans for their support. Her resignation represents the end of an era for NCIS, but she is grateful for the experience and looks forward to what lies ahead.

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