Losing ‘Blue Bloods’ Leaves A Big Void for Those Who Love Family Dramas


Blue Bloods, the renowned family drama, has ended after fourteen seasons, leaving fans to grieve the loss of its poignant narrative and compelling family dynamics.

The show, renowned for its Sunday meal scenes and emphasis on family values, provided viewers with a rare blend of police procedural and familial connection.

Its departure signifies the end of an era in television, as it was one of the last remaining family dramas on the schedule.

Viewers were captivated to the Reagan family’s unflinching support for one another in the face of adversity, making Sunday dinner meetings a favorite part of the show.

Despite its pro-cop position, Blue Bloods appealed to fans across political lines due to its universal themes of family and loyalty.

As the television landscape continues to be dominated by cr1me dramas and medical shows, the absence of family-focused programming is keenly felt. While other dramas explore relationships and personal issues, Blue Bloods stood out for its intentional focus on the intricacies of family dynamics.

From Frank’s unwavering leadership to Danny and Jamie’s fraternal rivalry, each character’s journey enriched the plot and forged a strong bond with viewers.

The expectation of Jamie carrying on the family legacy heightened the show’s emotional depth.

As fans bid farewell to the Reagan family, they are left wondering what family dramas will fill the void left by Blue Bloods’ departure. While there are hopes for future Waltons movies and other potential series, the legacy of Blue Bloods will be remembered for its timeless portrayal of the importance of family bonds.


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  1. There will never be any show that is as good as this one! There isn’t anything I want to watch like this show. There is too much crap on television. Please, please don’t take it away!

  2. No other show, no other people will ever be able to replace Blue Bloods. I hope everyone who watches and loves the show will write about losing it and maybe hopefully they will change their minds and give us the fifteenth year. I will never watch another show again just Blue Bloods. If I’m lucky the two TV stations what are showing re-runs now will continue to do so I’ll watch re-runs.

  3. Blue Bloods and all Three Chicago Shows(MD, Fire &PD ) are the only shows worth watching! Chicago Shows no Blood Families! But Family just the same with respect and caring for each other which is something this Country needs right now!

  4. Not only do young people like this show, but older do as well. Tom Select is one of the best actor’s ever. I’ll watch anything he’s in. Good actor’s are few and far between these days. With an audience like they had, why would they ever take it
    off? Could it possibly be politics?? I certainly hope not!!

  5. I don’t get it. This is the best show on any channel and you are cancelling it. Unbelievable!!! How does L & O, SVU stay on for 25 years, and I love that show too, and Blue Bloods is going off. It’s better than SVU. Maybe another station can continue the saga. True fans don’t want it to end. We love every character, especially Tom Selleck. I know this is a business, but the business is to keep your fans happy and to continue to watch. Think about it!

  6. Gosh who do we contact to protest this cancellation? Blue Bloods is one of the few shows that still has family values & teaches you something about morals & ethics every single show. Very disappointed in the network. It’s such a shame that quality shows have no value anymore.

  7. This show has been my very favorite for 14 seasons and I know it will never be replaced. As we look at the world today we must know how important this show is to carry the message of God, family, trust and morals. We need it more now than ever. Please rethink letting us all down. Thank you to all those actors that have kept me happily entertained for so many years. You will forever hold my heart.

  8. I loved this show
    Think they took it off because of a white , nice white family.
    Also because it was about cops.
    At least I can watch it on reruns.

  9. that is the best show on tv. what is wrong with the network. I will watch reruns as long as i can. take some of the other crappy shows off the tv. leave Blue Bloods on.

  10. They did the same thing with Criminal Minds. They love screwing things up.. in a year they’ll be taking Tracker cause it’s great .

  11. Wow I’m speechless so just taking my show away what else am I suppose to watch ? Believe it or not the Blue Blood
    keep me educated and informed . Are they replacing the show with something else? Are the rating low for the show ? Don’t the fans get a vote ? Please tell me it’s not gonna be a crazy show that nobody’s even focus on, At least with the Blood Blue my daughter will come sit down and watch tv with me.

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