In The Aftermath of Mark Harmon’s Departure From NCIS, Nick Torres Wins A Major Role Outside From The CBS Drama

Wilmer Valderrama, who plays Nick Torres on NCIS, has landed a major new job aside from his CBS character.

NCIS fans may be in for more disappointment after Mark Harmon’s departure from the CBS procedural drama. Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) may be bidding farewell to his character after getting a major part in an upcoming comedy.

According to Deadline, Wilmer is now working on a new comedy series with Erick Galindo and Aaron Izek.

The series, titled Mexican Beverly Hills, would follow a middle-class Mexican-American family as they relocate to a rich Latinx enclave in Downey.

The comedy will explore how the family will blend in while still standing out as they acclimate to their new surroundings.

The future show will be a single-camera piece inspired by Galindo’s essay of the same name in the New York Times.

Wilmer is now starring as Nick Torres in CBS’ long-running drama NCIS, a position he has held since season 14.

With the news of his new series, there was discussion regarding whether the actor might leave NCIS.

Fans are still coming to grips with Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) exit from the program after an 18-year run.

So a prospective Torres departure would almost certainly leave supporters in tears, but happily, such a departure has not been announced.

Fans were convinced Torres will leave his role before the debut of season 19 of NCIS in September.

This hypothesis surfaced after a first-look footage showed him having to cope with the loss of his love interest and adjust to his new life.

Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) announced her departure from the squad in the season 18 finale, which crushed Torres.

Although the two never had a sexual relationship, their friendship had a will-they-won’t-they quality to it because it was clear they both had affections for each other.

When they finally exchanged a parting kiss, it was too late to explore anything romantically.

Torres was seen having a furious argument with McGee after saying, “Look, I know you and Bishop you were…”

He abruptly interrupted before he could finish, “We were what?” enraged by McGee’s insinuation.

When McGee suggested that he take a vacation from an investigation, Torres retorted, “I can do my damn job, Tim!”

With Ellie remaining a sensitive subject for Torres, supporters speculated that he would abandon his work and accompany her somewhere where they could be together.

Wilmer’s latest project, Mexican Beverly Hills, is now in development, although it has yet to be announced whether he would also star in the series.

However, it is a significant coincidence that the news corresponds with Mark Harmon’s departure from the series and his feelings for Ellie.

Fans will have to keep watching NCIS to see whether this theory comes true.

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  1. O tht would be such a shame that torres may be leaving N.C.I.S,a bit to late i reckon,never liked him from the first time he was on the show,bit of a smart ass i think.Never wanted to do his damn job.

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