Fans of ‘NCIS’ Are Dissatisfied With Mark Harmon’s Replacement, Saying, “OK, CBS, You Flat Out Lied To Us”

Fans of NCIS are still debating the departure of Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs after more than 18 seasons. Many people question how the series can continue without its legendary leader. Others are displeased with who replaced him.

One fan even accused CBS of “blatantly” deceiving the show’s devoted fans, to which the NCIS showrunner reacted.

On ‘NCIS,’ CBS insisted that Gary Cole’s Agent Parker would not replace Mark Harmon’s Gibbs.

Beginning in early 2021, there was speculation that Harmon was “ready to depart” NCIS. According to sources at the time, the 70-year-old actor would most certainly be done by the conclusion of season 18. However, CBS stated that Harmon had agreed to return for another season after rumors circulated that the network had threatened to k1ll the show if he left.

At the same time, it was confirmed that Emmy-nominated actor Gary Cole has joined the cast of NCIS as a series regular. When the casting was announced, insiders told TV Line that Cole’s FBI Agent Alden Parker would not be a substitute for Harmon’s Gibbs.

In Season 19, Episode 5, ‘Face the Strange,’ Agent Parker took the place of Agent Gibbs.

Harmon made a triumphant return for Season 19 and was featured prominently in the first four episodes. However, there were numerous clues that NCIS was preparing Harmon’s departure from the show. As Showbiz Cheat Sheet observed after only two episodes of Season 19, it was evident that CBS was doing precisely what they stated they weren’t: replacing Gibbs with Parker.

Harmon was saying goodbye and Cole was taking over, from the name of Gibbs’ boat, Rule 91, to Parker’s claim that coincidences happen all the time.

‘NCIS’ supporters accuse CBS of ‘blatantly lying to us.’

Fans don’t seem to mind Cole, who is in the difficult position of replacing a series’ lead character after 18 years. Their issue is that Agent Parker has replaced Tim McGee as the new team leader at NCIS (Sean Murray).

McGee first appeared on NCIS in season 1 and has been a series regular since season 2. He was Gibbs’ obvious heir, but he didn’t obtain the post.

“OK, CBS, you outright lied to us! “You stated Parker wasn’t a substitute for Gibbs — exactly what you were intending,” one irate fan tweeted. ” 2nd beef: Gibbs would never have chosen Parker over McGee as leader. McGees should have done the job! “I liked how Kasie called out Parker.”

Steven D. Binder, the show’s creator, reacts.

NCIS showrunner Steven D. Binder responded to the charge after reading the fan’s complaint about the network’s “lie.”

“I would not pretend to suppose that Gibbs recommended Parker *over* McGee.” “I’d like to imagine Gibbs and McGee had plenty of time to discuss the future and what McGee informed Torres on the stake-out…Gibbs already knew.:),” Binder commented.

‘NCIS’ fans were desperate for McGee to take over for Gibbs.

Despite Binder’s comment — and the fact that McGee indicated in episode 5 that he didn’t want a job that would consume him – fans are still upset that Agent Parker won Gibbs’ job over the person they thought deserved it.

“Not cool, passing over McGee — inconsistent writing, after training & relying on McGee, Gibbs would have picked him,” one Twitter user said. “McGee, not Parker, deserves the position.” “Boot Parker, give him his own team if necessary, but THIS team is McGee’s,” someone another said.

“I can’t believe Vance offers Parker Gibbs’ job!” “Slap in the face to McGee,” remarked a third supporter.

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  1. Gary COAL good actor but, MARK Harmon is the key and love of NCIS . GIBBS is the special character that is the personal tye to the Marines and Navy. And that’s very important that keeps the show from being just another cop show. Plus the struggle in Gibbs life and how his team grows with him. You can’t replace the perfect anchor of the show.It WON’T WORK. NCIS NEEDS MARK BACK

    • Yes! We definitely need Mark Harmon come back! He’s a greater actor.. I think Gary Coal need to go.. Because Mark Harmon have been on NCIS for long time. Very special character as Gibbs 👍

  2. I agree with everyone else. McGee should of gotten Gibbs position. So that when it came time to bring Tony back there was a spot for him on the team. Parker has no business being a part of the team.

  3. They definitely should have given the spot to McGee. He deserves it so much more then an outsider. It will never be the same. It’s hard not seeing out team together.

  4. I love Gibbs and his time on earth is short now so my feelings are go Mark Harmon it’s your time with family. I wish you the best I miss you tho. As for Cole he is doing a great job not Gibbs but he will do. I don’t think McGee wanted the job and turned it down. He is team leader now thats what he chose. I do want to see Gibbs Zeva and Tony make a comeback tho. I miss Zeva and the flair she brought to the team.

  5. Parker brings a softer persona as the boss and interjects a sense of humor when needed. I think the team works well together and Parker is more of a hands on leader than Gibbs. I don’t miss Gibbs. It was apparent at the end of his run that he wasn’t fully committed to the show as he once was.

    • I totally quit watching the show all together! I think it sucks now! First they ditch Bishop who I grew to like after they got rid of Ziva. Then they get rid of Gibbs, and replace them with some ass bag that can’t act his way out of a parking ticket. And adding him instead of putting McGee in charge was a dumb move, but at least that would have made it a bit more tolerable. I’ll stick with the reruns the new show sucks.

  6. Gibbs was well past mandatory retirement age for federal agents. McGee should have had his own team a long time ago if it were real life.

  7. Gary cole plays a decent villain but not a good ncis character. I can understand Mark Harmon wanting to retire but they screwed up by putting Cole into the team

  8. Have seen Gary Cole in other shows. Good actor but he is no Gibbs! Used to watch NCIS regularly. Have not watched it since Gibbs left. Will NEVER watch it without Mark Harmon as Gibbs!

  9. I have seen Gary Cole in other shows he does fairly good. But Gibbs is by far better. The show has become less interesting. Just as soon not watch it.

  10. I understand all the furor over this but something needed to happen. If not now, when? I love Gibbs too but the guy is now 70 years old. These NCIS folks, realistic or not, hunt down, run down, fight and pursue super villains and terrorists all the time, sometimes globally. They have even said, in an episode featuring DiNizzo senior that NCIS has an age limit for agents, like 65. So, adios Gibbs seems realistic. He could come back as some kind of agent emeritus, ala Ducky, but that storyline would age quicker than Harmon himself. The best thing is to keep cranking out shows as long as the ratings allow and have NCIS fade into the sunset like other long running shows, ER comes to mind, have done. Viewers have had the pleasure of watching one of the greatest series of all time but, nothing lasts forever.

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