Fans of ‘Blue Bloods’ Debate Whether Frank Crossed The Line in One Scene

On Blue Bloods, Frank Reagan is usually the ultimate fan favorite. However, it appeared that the NYPD Commissioner went too far in a previous episode.

In comparison to the rest of the Blue Bloods family, Frank maintains a level head even when a personal issue arises. Meanwhile, more volatile characters, such as his sons Danny and Jamie, or daughter-in-law Eddie, can let their emotions get the best of them. Of course, it takes years to master this kind of patience and even temper. And it is for this reason that Frank holds the position of Police Commissioner. Even the most experienced officers can make mistakes from time to time.

Eddie and her future husband, Jamie, visit a housing complex where several people try to provoke them in Season 9 Episode 9 “Handcuffs.” Despite the fact that the perpetrators had outstanding warrants, Eddie decides that they should not be arrested. Instead, they simply walked away from the situation. Frank, on the other hand, watched a video of the incident after it happened. Following that, he ordered a raid on the complex, which resulted in air support and even tactical squads.

In the end, the Blue Bloods team was able to apprehend a wanted murd3rer. Jamie and fellow officer Garrett, on the other hand, were still dissatisfied with their Commissioner’s actions. And it appears that neither did the audience.

Fans of ‘Blue Bloods’ Reacted to Frank’s Raid Order

Following the airing of the Blue Bloods episode, fans expressed their feelings about Frank’s behavior in a Reddit post. While most fans enjoyed the story as a whole, one fan was perplexed as to why the raid occurred in the first place.

“…I realize they did catch a murd3rer, but that appears to have been an unintended consequence.” “The cops can’t (or shouldn’t be able to) go around arresting people simply because they’ve been insulted or have had shade thrown at them,” the fan wrote.

Another fan pointed out that Blue Bloods officers arrested anyone who had a warrant or an unpaid parking ticket. So, while the action appeared to be extreme, it was not illegal.

Episode Discussion S09E09 “Handcuffs”

Episode discription: Frank orders a raid on a housing complex where police were harassed with an outstanding warrant. Also, a woman whom Danny put in jail asks for his help with her brother to keep him out of trouble. Nicky’s new boyfriend has ulterior motives.

“I can’t say I agree with that as Commissioner Reagan’s response to the harassment his officers faced, but the show has a decidedly right-of-center bent when it comes to these sorts of things,” the fan added later in the conversation.

Even those descended from real-life blue bloodlines were taken aback by Frank’s actions. And, while the raid resulted in the successful arrest of several cr1m1nals, the Blue Bloods Commissioner could have avoided the need for tactical assistance if he had kept his emotions in check.

“I and my father are actually very right wing, and he is a police officer, but we agreed that Frank didn’t handle the situation correctly, and the’sh0ck and awe’ campaign was the worst way to handle it,” said another supporter.

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