Fans of ‘Blue Bloods’ Debate Whether Frank Crossed The Line in One Scene


In a recent episode of Blue Bloods, viewers were divided after NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan made a difficult decision. Frank’s actions, despite his reputation for calmness, piqued spectators’ interest.

In the episode “Handcuffs” (Season 9, Episode 9), Eddie and Jamie visit a housing complex where they are provoked. Despite warrants against the cr1minals, Eddie chooses not to arrest them and instead walks away.

However, Frank, upon reviewing footage of the incident, orders a full-scale raid on the complex, involving air support and tactical squads.

While the raid leads to the apprehension of a wanted murd3rer, Jamie and others question Frank’s approach, echoing sentiments of some fans.

The episode highlights a clash of ideologies within the Blue Bloods family, leaving viewers pondering whether Frank’s actions were justified or if he indeed crossed a line.”

Fans of ‘Blue Bloods’ Reacted to Frank’s Raid Order

In the most recent episode of Blue Bloods, Commissioner Frank’s contentious raid on a housing complex stirred heated debate. While many admired the episode’s plot, others questioned Frank’s motivations.

One Reddit user questioned the necessity of the raid, emphasizing that arresting individuals solely due to insults or minor infractions seemed unjust. Another fan defended the action, citing the show’s portrayal of officers arresting those with warrants or unpaid tickets.

Despite their right-leaning views, people with law enforcement credentials opposed Frank’s approach. They believed that his emotional response caused unnecessary confrontation, overshadowing the successful arrests made.

The episode, titled “Handcuffs,” showcased tensions within the Blue Bloods universe, prompting viewers to debate the show’s portrayal of law enforcement ethics and tactics.

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