Blue Bloods Fan-Favorite Character Will Not Return in Season 14


Fans of the hit series Blue Bloods can breathe a sigh of relief because it has been officially renewed for a 14th season. Despite difficulty, the producers’ love for the show and its committed fan base triumphed, ensuring its continuation.

While the renewal brings excitement, it also comes with some changes. Certain cast members will bid farewell after Season 13, marking their final appearance in the finale. This departure includes a reduction in pay for the remaining cast and crew, but their dedication to the show remains unwavering.

The Blue Bloods family goes beyond the Reagans, engaging a big and passionate fan base that eagerly awaits new episodes. Although the specifics of the future season’s plotline are unknown, fans may expect the continuation of character stories for those returning.

While bidding farewell to beloved characters may be bittersweet, the anticipation for Season 14 remains high as fans eagerly await what’s to come.

Five performers will not be returning for the new season of the popular show. Among them are Abigail Hawk, Dylan Walsh, Tony Terraciano, Steve Schirripa, and Gregory Jbara. Hawk’s absence is particularly notable as her character, Abigail Baker, has been a fan favorite.

Despite hopes for her character to receive more focus in the upcoming season, it seems viewers will have to bid farewell to her expressive presence on the show.

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  1. So sad to hear about those leaving the Show. They all are so good. One of the Best shows on TV. Always an interesting plot & love the Sunday Family Dinners.

  2. The sad part with them leaving is they probably won’t have anything to do in their future. And with cutting their own pay at least they will be busy. Unless this isn’t voluntary.

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