‘Blue Bloods’: Paula Might Cause Trouble for the Reagans

The Blue Bloods Season 10 finale ended with the Reagan family meeting their long-lost relative, Joe Hill (Will Hochman). It was a touching family reunion, but Joe’s mother, Paula Hill (Bonnie Somerville), refused to participate. Unfortunately, it looks like she might cause trouble down the road. Here’s Showbiz Cheat Sheet’s take on Paula.

Joe Hill on ‘Blue Bloods’

In Blue Bloods Season 10, Episode 19, (titled “Family Secrets”), we’re first introduced to Joe Hill. The revelation of Joe’s existence comes at a time when the family is least expecting it. At the beginning of the episode, Sean, Frank’s grandson, visits his office. After completing a DNA project for school, Sean discovers he has another first cousin. Neither Frank nor Sean can figure out how this person could be part of the family.

They later discover Sean’s cousin is Joseph Hill, the son of the late Joe Reagan. Joe Sr. had a son he never knew about. Joseph’s mother, Paula Hill, was a member of the New York City Police Department but resigned after she became pregnant. Unaware of the pregnancy, Frank tried to convince her to stay. Paula didn’t tell Joe Sr. about the pregnancy because she didn’t want to be in a relationship. She also didn’t want Joe involved in her son’s life. Frank later invites Joseph and Paula to family dinner.

Paula won’t take ‘no’ for an answer

At one point during season 10, episode 19, Paula stops by Frank’s office to make a case for placing Joe in a less active unit. She’s concerned about him getting killed in the line of duty like his father (Joe is currently a detective in the firearms investigation unit). Although Frank said he understands Paula’s concern, he doesn’t believe it’s in Joe’s best interest to move him to another unit. Frank reasons Joe could get killed in the line of duty no matter which unit he’s in.

“I also understand, I know we lose cops to friendly fire, to senseless execution, to suicide,” Frank tells Paula. “A rookie is walking a quiet beat and suddenly he finds himself in between a gun and a cash register. There’s no rigging the odds.” Paula responds angrily, “Of course there is. It’s simple logic.” However, Frank says it’s not the case in this line of work.

Once Frank tells Paula his decision, she goes from calm to livid. The conversation ends with her telling Frank she isn’t coming to family dinner and she wished Joe never found out about him. She also tells Frank not to contact her or Joe.

Paula might cause trouble for the Reagan family

We wouldn’t be surprised if we hear more from Paula in season 11. Joe accepts Frank’s dinner invitation, so she’s likely upset he decided to mingle with the Reagans despite her desire to keep her distance. Paula might try to discourage Joe from getting close to the Reagan family. Our theory is that Paula will bring a lot of drama this coming season.

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