Blue Bloods Has Time To Create the Ideal ‘Goodbye’

It’s tough to say goodbye to shows we enjoy. At least Blue Bloods has the opportunity to say the right goodbye.

Without a question, we are sad to say goodbye to Blue Bloods. The saving grace is that CBS has given this show airtime.

When it appeared like Blue Bloods might be terminated rather than renewed for Season 14, we suspected it would be the final season.

There were only so many wage cutbacks the actors could accept. Despite being the best show on Friday nights, it had to end.

CBS has not abruptly canceled it, like it did with the long-running cr1me program NCIS: Los Angeles. Instead, we’ll get a two-part final season, with the opportunity for a great goodbye.

Blue Bloods Has The Summer To Design Their Departure.

The first half of the season will feature ten episodes. That means a May conclusion, and the authors will have the entire summer to ensure the goodbye is perfect.

There is no need to get it in right now, as shows like The Good Doctor and Station 19 will have to do.

CBS has given this show the airtime it deserves. From now until writing, the show can focus on guest stars who may return for one or two episodes.

As people converse, there is the opportunity to revisit tales to choose which ones deserve extra attention. The writers also have enough time to ensure that goodbyes are natural and not rushed, whether it’s a character death or someone going on to pastures new.

Little foreshadowing moments can be added to the current ten episodes’ screenplays. This allows fans to reach the final eight and say, “Oh, that’s what he meant,” or “Oh, she did hint this would happen.”

It demonstrates a deliberate effort to ensure that fans believe they have received the necessary closure.

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  1. I would like to see some more of episodes with Jackie this season. I read a post by another fan who suggested bringing “Joe” back. They said he could be in witness protection and his death faked. That would be interesting.

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