Why ‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Consistently Choose Jackie Over Baez


Fans of “Blue Bloods” have long disputed Detective Danny Reagan’s love prospects, with two camps forming: those who favor his current partner, Maria Baez, and those who wish to reunite with his previous partner, Jackie Curatola.

Recent rumors hinting at Jackie’s return have reignited the fervor among fans who champion her relationship with Danny. They argue that the chemistry between the two characters has always been undeniable, pointing out their similar personalities and past history.

While some fans appreciate Baez’s role in keeping Danny grounded, plenty continue to support Danny and Jackie’s possible romance. The possibility of Jackie’s comeback has sparked conjecture about Danny’s future love life, making Baez followers feel threatened.

With anticipation building, fans eagerly await the outcome of this ongoing debate as the show continues to unfold.

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  1. Jackie and Danny are too much alike so a romantic relationship would never work long term
    Like Linda, Baez knows how to complement Danny and has a more nurturing personality. so Danny and Baez would make more sense.

  2. I think Baez would be a good, romantic partner. She keeps him grounded. Linda His wife kept him grounded, He has a great friendship with Jackie. But he definitely shows a lot of respect for his partners.

  3. I love Maria Baez and hope Danny winds up with her. She is more like Danny’s decease wife.
    Let her be the one!!

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