Love Her or Hate Her? Blue Bloods Fans Are So Divided About ‘Nicky’

“Blue Bloods” has been airing since September 2010, providing viewers plenty of time to generate strong opinions about the characters. With an emphasis on a family of law enforcement personnel, the show features a diverse ensemble cast, each with their own personalities and opinions. As a result, fans frequently have online disputes regarding their favorite personalities.

One character, however, stands out for polarizing opinions: Nicky Reagan-Boyle (Sami Gayle). As the daughter of Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) and Jack Boyle (Peter Hermann), Nicky has faced considerable backlash from “Blue Bloods” fans, even earning the title of the worst character on Reddit.

Despite the negativity, some fans are conflicted about the continual criticism aimed at Nicky.

Ending the Nicky Hate in Blue Bloods – Fans Demand a Shift

“Blue Bloods” fans are growing weary of the persistent criticism directed towards Sami Gayle’s character, Nicky. A meme posted by u/SpaceMyopia on the official “Blue Bloods” subreddit sparked a flurry of responses, with many fans expressing their disagreement with the prevailing negative sentiment towards Nicky.

In the thread, users like u/TheFantasticXman1 and u/VLC31 shared their more nuanced views, suggesting that while Nicky might not be their favorite character, they don’t see her as deserving of the harsh criticism she often receives. Even u/Navitach weighed in, expressing fatigue with the ongoing Nicky bashing and pointing out that since her departure from the show, discussions about her should naturally dwindle.

Despite the strong and loyal character of the “Blue Bloods” fans, it is unclear whether the animosity surrounding Nicky will continue online. However, the different viewpoints offered in the thread show that there is a substantial section of fans that do not share the general dislike for the character.

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