‘Blue Bloods’: Erin Reagan Might Make a Big Change in Season 11

One thing that’s important to Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) is her job. But Blue Bloods Season 11 might show her making a big change. Moynahan teased what’s to come for her character and more.

‘Blue Bloods’ got a new mayor

Season 10 introduced Mayor Chase (Dylan Walsh), who has many strong opinions. “I don’t like your boss’ bent,” the mayor told Erin. “He thinks accused criminals and their victims both have equal rights. They don’t have equal rights.”

Erin disagreed with him, but he then asked her to run for District Attorney. This has been her goal, but she is also suspicious of the mayor.

Mayor Chase also met with Frank (Tom Selleck). He made a bold move to try to get one of Frank’s employees, Garrett (Gregory Jbara) replaced.

“Garrett Moore is supremely fit for the job,” Frank told the mayor. Chase responded with, “He’s smart, quick on his feet, well-liked by the press and all the city agencies.”

But then he revealed his problem with Garrett. “He needs to be liked,” he said. “He basks in being liked. He’s a labrador retriever and you’re gonna need a pitbull.” Luckily, Frank kept Garrett on his team.

Erin Reagan is still thinking about that promotion in season 11

Moynahan appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan to talk about season 11. She was asked what Erin will be up to in the upcoming episodes.

“At the end of last season we had a D.A. that was also getting into some trouble so we’re gonna be dealing with that. And Erin is kind of eyeing that position. So we’re gonna play that out,” she teased.

“And we had a new family member appear at the end of last season so he is such a lovely actor. We’re so lucky to have him and it’s been fun playing that out on screen,” she added.

It’s normal to see the Blue Bloods characters on the streets of the city. But this will be different due to the pandemic. Moynahan claims the cast filmed in less populated areas, and they haven’t made it back to New York City yet.

We don’t know how the season starts for Erin

The description of season 11’s premiere has been released. The episode is called “Triumph Over Trauma” and Frank will be meeting with City Council Speaker Regina Thomas (Whoopi Goldberg) after there are new protests against police brutality.

Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Baez (Marisa Ramirez) also go missing after searching for a killer. Jamie (Will Estes) and Joe (Will Hochman) then try to find them. Nothing was said about Erin so that’s a mystery. But Moynahan did say in her interview with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest that Erin regrets her last exchange with Danny when this happens.

Soon fans will see the new season play out. Blue Bloods returns on Dec. 4 at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.

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