Blue Bloods Cast Clashes with CBS: ‘We Will Continue To Think That CBS Will Come To Their Senses’

The recent announcement of CBS canceling Blue Bloods has stirred up quite a storm, especially among the cast, with Tom Selleck leading the charge in expressing his disappointment. Despite the show’s consistent popularity and strong ratings, CBS stands firm on its decision to end the series.

Selleck, in a recent interview on CBS Sunday Morning, expressed his hope that the network would reconsider, citing the show’s high viewership and the willingness of the cast to return. This isn’t the first time Selleck has found himself at odds with a network, but his outspokenness in this instance has been particularly noteworthy.

Given the delay in the announcement and the show’s sustained success, fan confusion is palpable. While budget worries were initially raised, recent reports show that CBS is prioritizing new content over financial issues. The cancelation of S.W.A.T., followed by its reversal, heightens the ambiguity surrounding CBS’s decision-making process.

With the show still performing well and the cast eager to continue, speculation about the possibility of Blue Bloods finding a new home persists. As the back-and-forth between the network and the cast intensifies, it’s clear that this saga is far from over.

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  1. CBS….apparently not the brightest network. I spend Wednesdays with my
    television tuned to ION network episodes of Blue Bloods rather than watch any other network. So many of my favorite episodes…takedown of Blue Templar by the family, the episodes that have funeral services of officers killed while on duty, Frank reading to injured officers when he visits them at hospital, Treat Williams last appearance. All of the shows are my favorites. Love the family, love the weekly family dinner. I will follow if show is picked up by another network.

  2. I agree!! Love Blue Bloods & the entire cast. The show is always up to date with the current times. The characters are like family & the interactions are great. They show family values as well as well as life on the streets.

    CBS is making a big mistake in canceling this show as well as NCIS-Hawaii. Two excellent shows that have excellent viewership. Why end when you have a sure thing and bring in unknowns.

    Please keep these shows!!

  3. I have never missed a night of Blue Bloods. I feel like part of that Sunday family dinner. I am disappointed in CBS. They clearly do not care about what their viewers think or want. They also don’t care about the actors of one of the highest viewed series that they have. I hope another network will pick them up. CBS is not good enough for the series or the viewers.The new series they plan on showing are nothing compared to Blue Bloods.
    They also have cut NCIS: Hawaii, blindsiding the actors and the viewers. CBS is making a lot of bad decisions. Hopefully, they will come to their senses, but it doesn’t look promising. Personally, I am ready to boycott CBS.

  4. I have watched Blue Bloods from the beginning and do not understand why CBS wants to cancel a show when the ratings are still great and every show is wonderful.

  5. I have watched every episode since it started! Why would you cancel a top rated show that has a very large following? You’ve made mistakes in the past. One of the more recent one was canceling East New York! I loved that show just like I love Blue Bloods! Don’t do it. If you do, I hope another network picks it up!

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