Blue Bloods: Best Moment Ever of Maria Baez


The Reagans are the stars of “Blue Bloods,” but Maria Baez, Danny Reagan’s trusty companion, has also received a lot of attention. While the Reagans dominate the screen, Baez has had her opportunities to shine.

One standout episode in Season 6 saw Baez revealing troubling details from her past to Danny, deepening their connection beyond just being partners.

Perhaps her most memorable moment came when she was officially welcomed into the Reagan family as an honorary member. It was a wonderful sequence that highlighted her closeness with the Reagans, particularly Danny, and cemented her place in their close-knit group.

Maria Baez’s Invitation To The Reagan Family Dinner Was A Significant Milestone.

In a crucial development in Season 11, Episode 1 of “Blue Bloods,” Maria Baez, a longtime character played by Marisa Ramirez, was invited to the Reagan family dinner. The Reagan family dinners are legendary in the show, representing family unity and bonding.

Baez, who has been working closely with Danny Reagan since Season 3, finally received an invitation to the exclusive Sunday dinner, which was a memorable event for fans.

Marisa Ramirez, reflecting on the event, expressed the emotional significance of the occasion, noting how it showcased Baez’s integration into the Reagan family dynamic, especially as she rarely shares scenes with some of the main cast members. This gesture underscores the growth and depth of Baez’s character over the years, making it a touching and memorable moment for viewers.


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  1. I am so tired of these Reagan’s family dinners and nobody new is in the picture for another season! With all the ideas and openings for story lines in Blue Bloods it is the same characters every week! Bring Joe back as a REGULAR! Erin should have a more personal life! Erin has a boring life! The Grand son Shawn never has any life other than that table! Jimmy and Eddie it would be nice if they have a baby in the show to make it more exciting!! The last thing is Danny and Baez’s everyone knows how close they are and how much she cares! When are those two going to be together or at least engaged!! I watched the first show of the new season and it was boring at that table! The writers have been off for a very long time and they come back with no new material?? what do they get paid for? I also really like Jack in the show and I think Erin does too! The family is all so stuck on his ONE betrayal to Erin Let it go Jack is Sorry! Gramps holds a Grudge and he goes to Church! He needs to forgive and be nice! It is Erin’s life not his!! The show needs to have a more diverse series of events of what is happening in their lives besides work at the Dinner Table!

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