After Retiring as Gibbs, Mark Harmon Collaborates On His First Project With Former NCIS Co-Worker

Fans have been waiting to hear what Mark Harmon plans to do after NCIS and his first upcoming project since leaving the CBS series since he announced his retirement as one of the Naval Cr1minal Investigation Service’s most fearless agents.

NCIS is a CBS police procedural drama that follows the special agents of the Naval Cr1minal Investigation Service’s Major Case Response Team, which investigates cr1minal activity involving the Navy, the United States Marine Corps, and their families.

From Seasons 1 to 19, Harmon portrayed Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a Supervisory Special Agent on NCIS.

After nearly 20 years, he left the series in 2021. “What has always drawn me here is the character I play and keeping it fresh and challenging,” Harmon said in an NCIS Season 19 featurette. “From a plot standpoint, this character chose the path that it did. I thought it was honest and acceptable.”

NCIS fans have been wondering where Harmon is now and what he’s doing now that he’s retired as Agent Gibbs.

So, what will Mark Harmon do after NCIS? See how his new project incorporates what he learned during his nearly two decades as a fictional NCIS agent.

What will Mark Harmon do after NCIS?

What will Mark Harmon do after NCIS? Harmon, who played NCIS Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs from Season 1 to Season 19, announced his first project after leaving the show a year ago: a book titled Ghosts of Honolulu: A Japanese Spy, A Japanese American Spy Hunter, and the Untold Story of Pearl Harbor, which he co-wrote with NCIS technical advisor Leon Carroll Jr.

The book, which will be released on November 14, 2023, is a historical account of Japanese and American intelligence agents during World War II and is inspired by Harmon and Carroll Jr.’s experiences on NCIS. “These are real stories from those who were there,” Harmon told People. “It’s real, and it’s part of our history.” According to the publisher, the book is a nonfiction work that focuses on “the incredible high stakes game of naval intelligence.”

Harmon and Carroll write in Ghosts of Honolulu about Douglas Wada, the first Japanese American Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) agent, and Takeo Yoshikawa, a Japanese spy assigned to collect information on the United States — two men who played key roles in the “world-changing cat and mouse games” between Japanese and US military agents in Hawaii prior to World War II.

The book also discusses the moral dilemmas that many Japanese American officers faced while defending the United States and their communities during the war. The book is also inspired by the ONI’s influence on the real-life Naval Cr1minal Investigation Service (NCIS), which was created by ONI and was previously known as the Naval Investigation Service before changing its name in 1992 to “emphasize the cr1minal mission of the agency,” according to Harmon.

“On the show, we used to use the fact that no one knew who this agency was or what they did as a point of humor, but for those doing this difficult job for real, there was nothing funny about it,” Harmon explained. “Giving these men and women the opportunity to tell their story, their REAL story, has been both enjoyable and educational for me.”

Carroll Jr. also told People about his “seamless” experience working on Ghosts of Honolulu with Harmon. “Over the course of our 18-year relationship, Mark and I have developed a deep appreciation for what we can do as a team,” he said. “Considering different options and approaches to storytelling is similar, whether it’s a book or a television show.”

While writing the book, Carroll Jr., a former NCIS special agent, discovered several parallels to his previous career. He also told People that Wada’s story had a special impact on him. “He was using many of the same operational methods that I had been trained in some 40 years later,” Carroll Jr. explained. “I could definitely relate to the difficulties he had navigating in an environment where even his coworkers were unsure what he really did.”

Harmon, for his part, told People that it felt “weird” to be able to add author to his resume, which also includes TV shows like The Love Boat, The West Wing, and St. Elsewhere. “Actors tell stories, so that part is comfortable,” Harmon explained. “However, I have appreciated great teachers and assistance, as well as the idea of growing and learning something new every day.”

Carroll Jr. also told People what he hopes readers get out of Ghosts of Honolulu. “I would like the book’s readers to be much more informed about our agency’s broad reach and the role it has played in our country’s defense,” Carroll Jr. said. “Not only [in] providing an investigative service to the Department of the Navy, but also in the role it has played in the security of our nation.”

In terms of other upcoming projects, Harmon’s most recent IMDb credit is NCIS. The Hollywood Reporter, on the other hand, reported in February 2023 that Harmon had signed with The Gersh Agency, a talent agency that has also represented actors such as Brendan Fraser, Allison Janney, Patricia Arquette, Adam Driver, and Mandy Moore.

Amazon has a pre-order for Ghosts of Honolulu.

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