Actor Donnie Wahlberg Gets Emotional About ‘Blue Bloods’ Ending


In an emotional conversation with Kelly Clarkson, Donnie Wahlberg, best known for his role as Danny Reagan on ‘Blue Bloods,’ discussed the show’s inevitable cancellation after 14 seasons.

Expressing gratitude for the cast and crew, Wahlberg shared, “The crew is phenomenal, the cast is phenomenal. It’s one of the things that helps when I’m away from my wife, you know, my family and my kids.”

As tears welled up, Wahlberg lauded the supportive atmosphere on set, saying, “When you can show up in a safe place with so many people who are kind and gracious… it’s really special.”

Despite bidding farewell to the show, Wahlberg hinted at the possibility of its continuation, offering fans a glimmer of hope. “Until it’s gone, it’s not going away, as far as I’m concerned. And maybe there’s some way it will still end up surviving and carrying on in a different way,” he said.

With Wahlberg’s emotional thoughts, fans are both devastated by the show’s end and hopeful for its future.

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